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OCR Solutions – The Evolution Of Technology Shaping The Digital World


At the time when customers require convenience in all processes, they do not want to wait for processes that take ages to load. But due to security issues, businesses cannot compromise and give leverage to customer services. A business entity is entitled to give these benefits to their customers for a better reputation. 

But for customers, the most irritating and time-consuming tasks are manually entering all their details into a webpage. Although many businesses have adopted auto-fill, some corporations do not enable it due to added security measures. 

Nevertheless, to counter these issues, some businesses have adopted character recognition technologies such as OCR solutions. 

OCR Solutions – Optical Character Recognition Software 

Abbreviation of OCR is optical character recognition that digitizes captured images into text. The main objective of the OCR app is to extract the data wanting to be recognized from hard copies and convert them to editable and searchable text. The text that is available digitally after being recognized through OCR has benefitted the world on a large scale. 

A Simple Guide To The Process Of OCR 

OCR App scans the document 

It then differentiates between white spaces that do not have the text and areas where there is text

The text is then extracted and converted into a digitized format that can be easily edited, selected, or searched. 

The text is then shown to the user

A day to day example of OCR 

There are multiple use cases of OCR but one of the most beneficial ones is when converting books into texts to make them available to the digital world. The book is scanned through the OCR app and then the text is available on the digital platforms. Also, if an individual wants to read the book in a different language they can use the OCR document scanner to translate the book into the desired text through a translation converter. 

Use cases of OCR App


Banks encounter thousands to millions of people every day that are required to submit documents such as bank forms etc. These documents are used by banks to convert the information of the individual and directly fill the fields on their digital software. Furthermore, ATM machines are using OCR solutions to extract the information from credit cards and then give appropriate services to their customers. 

The OCR services can also benefit banks when onboarding remote customers such as when clients have to provide information to the bank. The customer can just upload the picture of identity documents and the OCR can read those and give the extracted data to the bank. This increases the speed of the onboarding process which benefits both the customer and the bank in numerous ways. 

Furthermore, banks can use OCR solutions for processing cheques. For instance, when a paper cheque comes through, the bank can read the readable text through OCR rather than manually entering all the information. 

Healthcare industry 

Healthcare industries such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies all require dozens of paperwork every now and then which can get lost or tear away. The medical records of the patients and the prescriptions can be secured through the extraction of information by the OCR software. But finding reports that are not digitally saved is a big hassle and one may spend a large amount of time and resources in finding them. OCR technology has helped multiple healthcare facilities extracting handwritten text of the doctor’s prescription. The only drawback of the OCR solutions is that it does not recognize cursive writing but advanced sub technology can understand this too which is known as Intelligent OCR. 

Pharmacies can also reduce the cost of data management through optical character recognition by searching the medicine in an instant. 

Travel industry

The travel industry has benefited the most through the incorporation of OCR services such as reducing the risk of illicit activities. Multiple national and international airports have to fill the forms of the travelers when they book a flight. OCR solutions can automatically detect the text and convert it into text which can then be used to fill out these forms promptly. These services enhance the travel experience and allow customers to book tickets faster than they would usually do. Furthermore, OCR solutions reduce the risk of human error. 

Food industry 

The food industry has enjoyed the benefits of OCR technology has enhanced customer satisfaction and productivity levels. The OCR app allows the tracking of food, reading labels, batch verification, expiry date verification, and much more.

To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed this modern technology blog. The world has faced many technological advancements, some of which were beneficial and some were detrimental. But the incorporation of OCR solutions has mostly benefited the entire world in different sectors. Businesses have used OCR services to perform identity and business verifications as well as simply tracking a food product.

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