Cost To Develop An Instacart Clone App


Grocery delivery apps and other on-demand services enable customers to quickly and easily satisfy their requirements and requests. Every person in this technologically sophisticated and modern society relies on digitalization to meet their everyday requirements and wants. Don’t miss reading this blog if this is something that concerns you as well. Here we will assist you in learning everything regarding the creation of a grocery delivery app like Instacart Clone.

Let’s Understand What Instacart Is?

Users may place grocery items online and have them delivered to their doorstep using the Instacart app. Instacart was created in 2012, and has grown in popularity, particularly in the USA. However, the idea is not entirely novel; conventional supermarkets have long provided home delivery services. However, the other benefits of developing grocery apps have made them popular.

Users no longer need to make phone calls to the food retailers to place their orders. They only need to place an order, pay, and have everything delivered. similarly to how the Instacart grocery delivery service functions.

  • Customers use the Instacart app to place an order.
  • Customers use a secure payment channel to complete the transaction.
  • Customers (Instacart employees) are notified when an order is placed.
  • Accepting an order, the shopper buys the goods and delivers them.

The Business Model Of Instacart

Generally speaking, there are three primary business models for grocery delivery applications that allow companies to profit from their offerings. Using them as a guide, choose the ideal one to add in your grocery delivery app.

Services Fees

With this online grocery delivery company strategy, you can operate autonomously and generate significant profit and revenue.

Commission Model

Implementing commission fees on a variety of goods and services is a key component of this business plan for an on-demand grocery app. Additionally, the commission is based on popular or in-demand products.

Subscription Model

Depending on the subscription plan users choose to purchase in order to access online grocery delivery services, this online grocery store building model includes a variety of offerings.

Your choice of business strategy will have a significant impact on the price and future performance of your grocery delivery app. Choose the model that would work best for your grocery delivery app by carefully considering your options. Following that, you may start working on developing a smartphone app for grocery delivery.

How To Create A Budget-Friendly Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart?

Are you hoping to create a grocery delivery app on a tight budget? You could benefit greatly from reading this section.. So let’s begin by analyzing the cost of developing a supermarket app while also learning the best practices for app development.

1. Develop A Solid Business Concept

Before even beginning the process of developing a mobile app for your grocery business, acquire a firm grasp on your concept for the grocery delivery service. Once your business plan has been approved, you can create a development plan in accordance with it and obtain an estimation of the cost of developing a grocery delivery app.

Once you have a strategy in place, pick a viable business model from the list above. As you are already aware, selecting a grocery delivery model is important, so choose carefully.

2. Technical Documentation

Adding technical details for your on-demand grocery delivery service is the next phase. Here, you’ll need to combine several strategies to come up with a distinct and practical concept for a grocery delivery app. Therefore, before starting the development process, consider an architectural framework, the development process, the requirements for developing apps, the characteristics of grocery delivery apps, and more.

You can estimate the price of developing a grocery delivery app similar to Instacart by getting all of this ready before you start development.

3. Select An Appropriate Development Platform

Your choice of development platform will have a significant impact on your grocery store delivery app’s pricing. Make sure your app is accessible from all platforms and is sufficiently compatible. 

So consider it.

4. Incorporate Special Functionalities & Features

Your grocery delivery app’s cost and effectiveness will depend on the features it has. In order to keep customers interested in your grocery app, think of something novel to offer them in addition to the standard functionality of an app like Instacart.

Therefore, analyze your options while keeping the grocery delivery app budget in mind.

5. Consider Attractive UX/UI Design

A mobile app’s design has a role in how unique it is, much like its functionality. Determining an application’s usability, desirability, user engagement, and first-time user experience is the main focus of this stage of developing a grocery app. However, be careful to keep the application straightforward yet engaging. Be prepared to pay a significant sum for the design of your grocery app if it is overly complicated and has a ton of features.

If you are familiar with the procedure, creating a feature-rich food delivery software like Instacart is not difficult. Start right away now that you are aware of “How to develop a grocery delivery app?” for a fair price.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Developing A Grocery Delivery App

Development of a supermarket delivery app typically costs between $10,000 and $20,000. The cost to develop a grocery delivery service similar to Instacart is affected by a number of variables, and we have highlighted the key variables below.

App Complexity

One of the key elements that might significantly raise the cost of your grocery application is its intricacy. The cost of an application increases with the number of features it has. Additionally, the cost will naturally rise because the design and development of the grocery delivery software would take more time.

Technology Stacks

The software stack needed to construct different types of supermarket apps differs. The various features and functionalities of a supermarket app require multiple tech stacks, such as Twilio, MongoDB, HBase, etc.

Integration With Third Parties

The efficiency of the application is greatly increased via integrations, which improves the user experience. It’s essential to incorporate third-party connectors while creating a grocery delivery app. As a result, this aspect raises the cost of the development process.

Therefore, it is wiser to inquire about the use of third-party integrations in your grocery delivery app from the creator of the mobile app.

Development Team

In addition to development, design, functionality, and tech stack, the cost of your grocery mobile app will also be influenced by the developer you choose.


The location of the developer you are employing is the final and most important element impacting the price of developing a grocery delivery app. As you move from one place to another, the cost fluctuates for the developers’ hourly rates. Therefore, you must choose the developer’s location carefully.

These are all the key elements that can significantly affect the cost of developing your grocery delivery app. Now that you are aware of the factors that can boost your budget, proceed with caution and make wise plans. You can also ask the experts to perform a cost study of developing a grocery app and give you a ballpark figure. Additionally, you may use your grocery app to make tremendous profits and recoup your development costs by working strategically.

How To Generate Money From Instacart?

Commission On Orders For Food

You can impose a commission on food orders as the proprietor of the grocery food delivery marketplace app, either in the form of a percentage or a set sum. Allowing businesses to use your platform for free is a wise move, but by charging commissions for each order, you may generate enormous revenue from your grocery delivery service.

Deliveries Fees

Most restaurants avoid hiring delivery personnel. So, this is where you may seize the opportunity to grow your firm. Every time an order is placed, you can easily collect delivery fees from both the customer and the driver. One of the best features of grocery app development, this can help your app generate more revenue.

Subscription Fees

The merchants who are uncomfortable paying commission on each order are best suited for this strategy. In an on-demand grocery app, you can therefore charge the vendors a certain sum in the form of a subscription fee while using this revenue model. As a result, such merchants can utilize your services for a set time before needing to collect subscription fees.

Online Advertising and Promotion

One clever method to make money from your grocery store delivery app is to let vendors run custom banner ads on the platform’s front page. Here, the administrator has the option to charge the sellers for the advertising space and campaigns they select.


Conducting social media marketing and email marketing is the final and most successful method to earn money and profit. You can provide restaurant owners with various programs and assist them in marketing their establishment to draw in more clients and boost sales because they do not have enough time to handle marketing on their own. Businesses will gain from and your app’s visibility will be increased by running marketing campaigns through your grocery app.

Following the aforementioned tips can help vendors and your grocery delivery app like Instacart grow their businesses.

Finishing Up!

There is no disputing that in this technologically evolved world, online grocery delivery services like Instacart have grown highly popular. A supermarket delivery service like Instacart should be developed by businesses due to the rising demand. It’s time to put what you’ve learned about grocery delivery app development costs, features, monetization, and more into practice.

It is best to hire specialized grocery delivery app developers because creating a mobile app from scratch takes a lot of effort and research. Take your time and come to a wise decision, then.

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