Know how to write an Efficient and Unique Article


Writing articles is one of the most effective ways of marketing a site or a brand along with their services/products or other tangible and intangible elements. There is no doubt that article marketing is important and needed in digital marketing plans but creating an article is not an easy job. If you have no experience in writing, then you can never create efficient and unique articles. If you still want to know how to create an efficient and unique article, you have to read the checklist below and use the best plagiarism checker for authentication.

How to write an efficient and unique article?

If you want to create an efficient and unique article, all you have to do is follow the steps discussed below.

  • Have a specific idea and purpose in your mind

In article marketing, you have to make sure that you have a strong purpose and idea in your mind. The biggest problem faced by writers who want to create quality articles is that they lack ideas. So, before you begin writing, you have to make sure that you have a purpose in your head. You need to think about why you need to write this article or what the search intent of your target audience is. 

  • Know your audience and their intent

The most important thing in article writing is knowing what your audience demands from you. It would be best to consider that a single article post cannot be targeted towards different audiences. You have to know your audience and create an article based on their interest, demands, or search intentions. This information is very important if you want to satisfy them.

  • Stress the key points in the article – Draw an outline

You can write an efficient and unique article if you outline before you start jotting down the details. Creating an outline and highlighting the key points for discussion would help you organize your article. This would also help you write quickly. If you don’t have a pattern or outline to follow, it will simply affect the quality of the article.

  • Create titles, headings, and subheadings 

Setting a catchy title is very important in article writing. You must know that the title of the article is the only thing that will grab the attention of the target audience. Dividing the article into headings and subheadings is going to give a clear look at your post. The readers would be more engaged with your article if it has interesting headings and subheadings in it. The headlines you use in your article should be checked with a plagiarism checker free tool so that it doesn’t show similarities! 

  • Work on your research skills

For creating an efficient and informative article, you need to polish your research skills. You have to take references from different publications that are relevant to the topic you are writing on. This would help you understand the topic in a better way. Once you understand the topic, you can easily explain it to your readers. In this way, you can also add personal value to the article and make it unique.

  • Keep the article concise and simple

A very important tip in article marketing is to use the simplest vocabulary and keep the sentences short. The more you focus on simplicity, the better outcomes you would get. Complicating the article is only going to piss off the interested readers.

  • Always check for plagiarism before submission 

In article marketing, you have to make sure that you use an online plagiarism checker tool. Plagiarism check tools are online utilities that can help you scan your work for duplication errors. The plagiarism scanner tools use AI and advanced algorithms to check for plagiarism and scan your work and compare it. This is why they can easily find any similarities between your posts and the ones already published on the web. As a marketer, you might be worried about the cost of checking. Still, suppose you choose a plagiarism checker free tool. In that case, you can easily check plagiarism in your articles for free and without restrictions.

  • Spend more time on proofreading than on writing 

When creating an efficient and unique article for article marketing, it is important that you spend a fair share of time proofreading. Proofreading your content and reading it aloud can help you understand what you have written and whether the flow of the article is fluent and engaging for basic readers. Proofreading articles can help you find and remove all kinds of human mistakes before you publish them. Today you can also use digital grammar checker tools for this purpose. The article that you create for marketing must be of very high quality!


In this short post, we have discussed the eight most important yet simple steps involved in article writing. By following these steps, you can create quality articles and can also improve your writing skills. Don’t forget to use the digital plagiarism checker tools to ensure that your final creation is 100% unique!

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