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What is Calendly? And how do you use it?


Being busy is great for business, but Calendly can make scheduling an easy task. Calendly is a solution to this issue and help you reduce the time you spend locking in dates and spending more time preparing for meeting.

What exactly is Calendly? In this guide we’ll show you the steps to make use of Calendly through a step-by-step guide.

What’s Calendly? and How can you use it?

Calendly is an app that allows making appointments, meetings and other events. Its purpose is to stop the hassle of back and forth in determining dates. Instead of email chains and telephone tag, it is possible to share your availability via the Calendly link (even even if those who book time with you do not use Calendly).

How to setup your Calendly account?

Sign up on the Calendly homepage then Calendly will guide you through the entire procedure. If you have an account with a Gmail account, you’ll be able to sign in using that account and you’ll be given the option to connect into Google Calendar right away.

You can choose to skip any step of the registration process but filling in your details is the best way to benefit from the whole app immediately.

First step to create the Calendly URL and choosing the appropriate timezone. Remember this: the Calendly URL is going to be included in the URL you share to all invitees for your event Make sure you have a clear and professional URL.

You’ll then be able to link the Calendly account with other calendars before getting going. Simply click the appropriate box and the login window for the account will pop up. The linking of accounts automatically updates your Calendly calendar with events added to other calendars, including already-existent ones, to avoid overbooking.

How do you create an event or a meeting slot in Calendly?

When you use Calendly consider Events like time slot machines. You decide how these slots are used and who is able to view them. That’s the true value of Calendly.

If you’re a supervisor, and you’d like to put the Monday’s of every week for one-on one meeting with the direct report. It is possible to add to your Monday calendar slots for one-on-one sessions (for whatever time you’d like) Then, you can only share the time slots with your direct reports.

You can then make a weekly video conference for the entire team. Create a customized event type that allows for the group to meet at a specific time each week, and email this link out to everyone in your group. Anyone who is interested in attending is able to register.

Of course, you could still organize traditional one-time events using Calendly. If you set up a couple of different types of events (i.e. or time slots) that you can make available, the invitee will be able to pick the one they prefer most. If you’re scheduling lots of one-time meetings, for example, interviews for a new job You can create your Calendly calendar to include every open slot and let invitees select their own time slots based on first come, first served. All you need to do is be there at the time your calendar says to.

How do you modify the types of events/time slots in Calendly

The process of modifying your event types is much simpler than it seems. If you’ve skipped this step during the initial onboarding process procedure, you can create an event by accessing on your Calendly dashboard. On Your Calendly Dashboard (your account page) select the tab for Events Types in case you’re not already.

For a start, select one of the pre-defined one-on one events that last 15, 30 or even 60 minutes. You can also make an event from scratch. To do so, click (+) New Event Type.

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