The Benefits of Outsourcing a Marketing Consultant For Your Business


The global outsourcing market is worth over $85 billion. It’s not just large businesses outsourcing manufacturing and customer support jobs offshore.

Small businesses realized that they can hire outsourcing services for different areas of their business. Some outsource payroll, while others outsource data entry and administrative tasks.

Many businesses outsource marketing. It’s no wonder because business advertising changed dramatically over the last 10 years.

Hiring a marketing consultant is one way to outsource marketing. What does a marketing consultant do and why should you hire one?

Keep reading to discover what a marketing consultant does and

What Does a Marketing Consultant Do?

A marketing consultant is a catch-all title for people who perform different marketing tasks. What a marketing consultant does depends on the consultant and the services they offer.

A marketing consultant often works with business owners on strategy. They help businesses develop a long-range marketing plan that’s aligned with the goals and vision of the business.

Others have a tactical nature, where they’ll produce your social media content. They might train your team to handle marketing internally.

When you hire a marketing consultant, you need to have a clear idea of your needs. That ensures that you have the right consultant for the job. 

Let’s look at the outsourcing benefits. 

1. Save Time

How much time do you spend on marketing? Probably not enough.

There’s not enough time in the day to write social media posts, record videos, make graphics, write blog posts, and attend networking meetings.

These are just some of the marketing activities that you need to do. You need time to focus on your customers and build your business.

A marketing consultant handles that so you have more time on your hands. That helps you avoid entrepreneurial burnout, too.

2. Build Marketing Consistency

Most business owners do marketing in spurts.

In slow times, they’ll produce a lot of content. Once business picks up, they stop. This actually hurts your business, because people will get the impression that everything about your business is inconsistent.

If this sounds like you, Outsource all of your marketing and business advertising to the marketing consultant. They’ll be able to develop consistency, which helps build trust with consumers.

3. You’re Not a Marketing Expert

You probably spent years getting an education and experience to become an expert in your field. Marketing consultants did the same thing.

Many went to school for marketing and they built a portfolio of experience. That is invaluable to have on your team.

You don’t want to spend years learning about marketing. You can’t do it by spending hours watching YouTube videos, either.

The kicker is that marketing continues to evolve. You’d have to invest even more time to learn about marketing trends and changing tactics.

This is especially important in the digital signature, where algorithms change often. One simple change means less traffic and fewer sales.

You don’t have the time to learn about marketing and stay up to date. That’s a marketing consultant’s job.

4. Give Your Marketing Meaning

Small business marketing is often incohesive. Since business owners have such a small window to focus on marketing, they post a random thought.

They do this so often that marketing doesn’t have a coherent strategy. A marketing consultant takes a look at your marketing, makes suggestions to improve, and creates a purpose for each piece of content.

For example, a marketing consultant can align blog posts with different stages of the buyer’s journey. They know which ones people look for when they’re ready to buy and when they’re in the early stages of buying.

5. Focus on Long-Term and Short-Term

When was the last time you thought about your business beyond one month? It’s hard to do when you have so many fires to put out each day.

A marketing consultant gives your business a long-term outlook. They create a 12-month marketing plan, allowing you to plan sales campaigns, and get results.

That long-term approach is what drives daily actions. You’re much more focused because you have a specific set of tasks in front of you.

6. Save Money

It costs a lot of money to hire a world-class marketer. The median pay for a marketing manager is close to $150,000 a year. That doesn’t include benefits and payroll taxes.

Your small business probably can’t afford that. It’s more cost-effective to hire freelancers than to hire employees. You can find a highly qualified freelance marketing consultant to handle your marketing.

That allows you to control the terms of the agreement. You can hire a freelance consultant for a few hours each week or on a project basis.

You control your budget and get your marketing on track at the same time.

7. Grow Your Network

Marketing consultants have a broad network of other professionals. They know graphic designers, accountants, coaches, and other professionals.

Once you hire a marketing consultant, you have access to that network. Most consultants recognize the power of relationships, and they’re happy to connect you with people to develop mutually beneficial relationships. Here is one more powerful tactic that helps to grow your network by using email marketing and outreach niche relevant audiences for your brand promotion. For brand promotion, an email signature can be used as a marketing tool.

8. Get an Outside Perspective

You have certain biases and a limited perspective of your business. It’s something that every business owner has to deal with. They can’t see certain things because they’re too deep into their business.

A marketing consultant brings a new perspective. They help you see things that you can’t. They’re not emotionally invested in your business, so you’ll always get direct feedback.

Invest in Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing services such as marketing carry a lot of benefits for you and your business. You save time, money, and have an expert on your side who can finally handle marketing tasks.

If you find that marketing is a challenge, you shouldn’t hesitate to outsource business advertising and marketing.

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