Top Five Netflix Shows To Watch On A Bus Journey


If you have taken a bus journey, then you will know how terrible they can get sometimes. But if you have something by your side, like a book, a movie, or a series, then it could become a lot more enjoyable than it was before. To make sure that your bus journey is full of entertainment, the following list of some of the best shows on the video streaming platform Netflix has been prepared. So without any further ado, let’s take a quick look at it!


Voltron is the more popular name for Voltron: Legendary Defender. It is a highly popular Netflix show which chronicles the events of a war between good and evil. The good king known as Alfor and the evil king known as Zarkon try to get the best of each other. But even when all hopes get lost, Alfor makes sure that his kingdom stands a chance at victory by developing a massive robot known as Voltron. The Next Hint has said that Voltron Season 9 is canceled and the show has ended its story with its eighth and final season. The show is going to keep you entertained for the entire bus journey. The entertainment of this show makes the bus journey amazing.


Cobra Kai is one of the finest Netflix series which is centered around Martial Arts. It takes forward the story of the Karate King movie and makes for an extremely entertaining watch. The brilliant portrayal of characters by all the lead actors of the show is what makes it worth watching on a bus journey.


The latest season of this extremely popular series was released this year only on Netflix and you should miss watching this series if you really want to enjoy your excruciatingly long bus journey.


This show has changed the definition of how a superhero show should be made with its many iconic characters and scenes which were filmed on them. The show features Charlie Cox as Daredevil, who delivers a performance of a lifetime. If you want to truly have fun in your bus ride and make it thrilling, then you should definitely check out this amazing show!


The Umbrella Academy is also a great show and is extremely fun to watch. The show is about a dysfunctional superhero family which reunites after a certain incident which affects them all happens. You will not feel bored with this series for even a single moment and it will make your bus ride even more enjoyable.

You must check that the bus you have boarded has a working WiFi, otherwise your viewing experience will get ruined. All the shows mentioned above are best enjoyed when they are binge watched and a bus ride is the best place to watch these shows. It is guaranteed that you will not feel bored while watching any of these shows because of their amazing stories and how brilliantly they are made. And if you want to know more about them, then do subscribe to our website because we keep bringing such awesome stuff to you all the time.

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