Seven companies are adding blockchain to the healthcare system!

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Blockchain technology promises everyone to provide a high degree of security, traceability, trust, and control. These are the basic features of blockchain technology because of which it has the potential to get involved in the healthcare system also. Furthermore, blockchain technology undoubtedly has desirable traits as it can store sensitive data according to the patient’s perspective. Also, any kind of healthcare data is very personal and sensitive for anyone in the world. Therefore, the supply chain management from TrustPedia of the healthcare system needs to be very safe, secure, and fast. According to the data collected from the past few years, certain companies are looking forward to adding blockchain technology to the healthcare system. We have been doing it for an extended period now, and therefore, they have already made a few contributions to it. If you’re interested in knowing if bitcoin is a sustainable solution or a climate catastrophe visit this link for more information.

Here are the names of some companies which have been using Blockchain technology in providing better healthcare services to the people. Not only people but also facilitating services to the multinational hospital brands for better treatment of patients.

  • Nebula Genomics

After completing the Human Genome project, many things have been simplified and accessible regarding health care. A top-rated company dealing in DNA sequencing said in January 2017 that we could expect one day that genome sequencing would be as cheap as a hundred dollars. After releasing the official white paper from nebula genomics, the personal genomics in sequencing will become a market worth billions of dollars. However, it will involve data just like any other market, and blockchain will be implemented for sure for its security issues.

  • Doc.AI

It is an artificial intelligence company founded back in 2016. This company visualizes the future to become nearer than ever before. It deals in consumer-controlled and Blockchain power services which are also related to artificial intelligence. It deals in any biological data, a microbiome, and also the genome. This company deals in platforms that make natural language processing work quickly using computer systems. It generates insights from medical data for a better understanding.

  • Iryo

The primary goal of this company is to provide a platform where every kind of health record can be kept unified. Instead of getting medical data from one person from various providers, it should be centralized and available in one place. Therefore, nothing could be a better option than blockchain technology for this company. You can get access to your medical information anywhere in the world. Also, it will be easier for doctors and patients to modify any required changes.

  • Patientory

This company is building a blockchain-based platform where any health professional or a patient can secure his data. Also, according to the data stored on the platform by a person, they will get references for medical institutions. It has several advanced healthcare applications that allow the patient profile to keep records and track the whole health history. It is making the healthcare industry a lot more sophisticated than ever. It deals in the patient’s inventory which is nothing else but the health records.

  • Guardtime

It is a company which has been dealing in its operation for decades now. There is a team of 150 cryptographers, security architects, and developers. It has been serving different nations to secure the Russian state attack. It entered the healthcare industry back in March 2017 to maintain healthcare records for millions of Estonians. Apart from just the medical records, it also records the patient’s genetic information, which is sensitive data to be kept securely. The company has also been dealing with health care service providers from the United Arab Emirates.

  • Gem

It is a California-based software company which was just formed four years ago. It provides one platform for managing disconnected data in the form of sets. It is powered by blockchain technology, and it has a massive contribution from blockchain technology. In addition, it supports patient-centric personal life and health care medicine for better evaluation and care.

  • Chronicled

This company is based in San Francisco, and it applies blockchain technology for supply chain management to improve traceability and accountability of health care. It has been dealing in several industries like precious metals, pharma, and commodities. Over the past few years, it has also started dealing in sensitive health care products like vaccines safe and timely delivery of some crucial healthcare requirements.

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