6 Simple Ways To Avoid Getting Sleep Wrinkles During Sleep

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30-Second Summary 

  • Sleeping wrinkles are skin folds or lines that develop on the face when you sleep due to pressure, friction, and compression.
  • Natural remedies to prevent sleeping wrinkles include upgrading your pillow to silk, elevating your head, using a towel, and sleeping on your back.
  • You may use face creams at night to mask your face and stimulate collagen to prevent wrinkles.
  • Sleeping for at least 7 hours a day helps prevent wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin, and eliminate toxins.
  • Anti-aging agents and creams help remove wrinkles, revitalize your skin, and give you a youthful look.

What Are Sleeping Wrinkles And How Do They Develop?

The mechanical compression of the face during sleep may distort the skin to produce fault lines on facial tissue called sleep wrinkles. Sleep wrinkles result from tension, compression, and force applied on the face by any surface as you sleep.

Changes in sleeping positions during sleep pull and stretch the facial skin in all directions, further magnifying the sleeping wrinkles. Studies show that we change sleeping positions about 27 times in sleep. The changes in sleep positions reduce to 16 per night with increased age. An older person sleeps in one position longer, which makes sleeping wrinkles more pronounced in older people. Otherwise, loss of collagen and elasticity also cause wrinkles to develop fast, especially with age. 

6 Ways To Avoid Sleeping Wrinkles During Sleep

  1. Sleep on your back – When you sleep on your side or stomach, you pressure your face, which causes sleep wrinkles. Sleeping on the stomach or side makes you bury your face in the pillow, which presses and compresses your face. 

To avoid sleep lines, try sleeping on your back to reduce friction between your face and the surface you’re sleeping on. When you sleep on your back, you hide your face from pressure and compression from the pillow. Certainly, it’s hard to change your sleeping position overnight, but practice makes perfect. Your skin will breathe freely and remain firm.

  • Use a towel instead of a pillow – Pillows press and compress your face skin, causing folds and lines when you sleep on them. Also, some pillows have hard materials that increase friction and pressure on your facial skin. This results in sleeping wrinkles as you twist and turn during sleep. 

You can replace your pillow with a soft towel which you place under your neck. This calls for sleeping on your back to save your face as much as possible. Simply fold the towel, and smoothen it before placing it under your neck. If you aren’t comfortable without a pillow, place a pillow under the towel, then place your head gently on the towel and sleep.

  • Upgrade your pillowcase from cotton to silk – If you can’t sleep on a towel and your back, you may change from a cotton pillow to a silk one. It can be hard to control yourself and your sleeping positions during sleep. The idea is to reduce friction between the skin and the pillow or pillow fabric as much as possible to reduce sleeping wrinkles. 

Choose a special pillowcase, preferably made of silk, that is soft and smooth, with little or no friction. Some pillows ensure you sleep more on your back, offering you a natural remedy for wrinkles

Silk pillows will help you get rid of wrinkles, ensure clean skin, and rehydrate your skin cells to minimize the formation of sleep lines.

  • Sleep with your head elevated to prevent wrinkles from sleeping – Sleeping wrinkles develop through friction and pressure on your face and the materials you sleep on. 

You can sleep with your head slightly raised to reduce the part of your face that touches your pillow. Just make sure the upper part of your face hangs beyond the pillow to reduce the surface area touching the pillow. Also, lesser contact reduces bacteria that may affect the skin. Let your face touch the pillowcase as little as possible to reduce skin wrinkles on your face.

  • Use Skincare creams to stimulate collagen – Much as you try to hide your face from the pillow, sometimes it’s in vain. This is true as you age and if your skin has reduced collagen. Skin with less collagen will wrinkle fast, and the skin lines won’t heal or straighten. 

Fortunately, you can mask your face with creams as you sleep to stimulate collagen. You can go for skin treatments if the wrinkles threaten to get worse. However, your body will produce less and less collagen once you reach a certain age. Ensure the night cream is heavy with moisturizers and has hyaluronic acid to make the skin firm. 

  • Get adequate sleep and avoid touching your face – Studies say that getting enough sleep is a natural remedy for wrinkles. If you want to avoid sleeping wrinkles, sleep for 7 hours daily. 

Getting enough sleep contributes to overall health and helps skin regeneration. The skin heals and removes toxins from the body during sleep. Furthermore, it helps minimize wrinkles if you keep your hands from touching or lying on or under your face.

  • Try top-rated anti-aging agents – Sometimes, other natural ways may fail to best ant wrinkle cream. Fortunately, there are anti-aging wrinkle creams that help remove sleeping wrinkles. You may look young again when the creams stimulate collagen to prevent the development of wrinkles. 

One such product is Lavelier Skin Care. It leaves your skin soft and smooth without lines and wrinkles. Also, it uses natural ingredients like Seaweed, so it doesn’t have side effects.


You can prevent sleeping wrinkles if you get about 7 hours of sleep daily to allow the skin to regenerate and remove toxins. Other ways include upgrading your pillow to silk, using a towel, sleeping on your back, and using a skincare mask. Elevate your head during sleep and avoid touching your face with your hands.

But if the natural methods fail to work, you may try anti-aging agents or creams to help you remove sleep wrinkles. Several reviews say, Lavelier Skin Care may reenergize the skin, improve skin elasticity, remove wrinkles, and give you more firmness for a younger look.

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