Pastor Colby Mitchell talks about leaked video to Hood-Evangelist


On July 31, Pastor Colby D. Mitchell’s leaked video appeared on Twitter, and in the video, he is doing something inappropriate which is not safe for work because Mitchell is seen with some unknown person being seen doing sexual acts.
Who is Colby Mitchell?

Mitchell is a social media personality, he often uses his social accounts to connect with the public. At this moment, his Facebook account has around 24,000 followers. A 34-year-old Colby’s Facebook profile suggests that the pastor often uses the platform to hold his services. He does not have a huge fan following but still, he uses his platform to interact with his followers.

With several people joining his live session, his comments section is often filled with praises. If rumors are to be believed, he has also been seen hosting Bible services quite a few times on stage, and similarly, he is also called on very high-profile functions.

Where speeches are given so that man starts walking on the path of truth, leaving behind all evil. Due to his praise and people have seen a lot of his speeches, due to which he has more than 700 followers on Instagram.

Colby is also often invited to other events as a guest speaker. He recently attended “Embracing Impact” an event where people who have made a difference are asked to make a speech. Since the leaked video has become a topic of discussion on social media, people want to know the truth.

Colby Mitchell talks to Hood-Evangelist
As we’ve seen, it’s a trending topic on Twitter and people are talking about it. Briefly talking to Hood-Evangelist about the leaked video, he revealed that “the person in the video is an old friend.” Further saying that after the video of the interview, Bada will demand legal action so that people can be aware of the whole truth.

“I’m sorry for being exposed on Facebook…that’d been a long time. Five years.”
Colby also admitted that “he felt depressed after the leak.” Colby revealed that she kept mum about her relationships as she didn’t want to date. He ended the interview by apologizing to the followers.
Mitchell said that “he would be seeking legal action following the leaked video.” In the last, he ended the interview by saying a few words and “I also apologized to my follower.

Users react to leaked video of Colby Mitchell

Many fans were concerned about “Colby Mitchell’s leaked” video as it began trending on Twitter. Some openly joked about the serious situation involving Mitchell’s privacy. Others felt left out of the situation, puzzled at the sudden influx of mentions of Mitchell. It didn’t take long for people on Twitter to start reacting.
One user on Twitter wrote: “All I know is… Most of us didn’t know who “Pastor” #ColbyMitchell was until today! Don’t want to see no video either!
Another user wrote: “Y’all need to stop!!! Y’all knew damn well Colby was in the LGBTQ community. No video needed to prove that LOL and if you didn’t know, check your gaydar!!!!

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