PatchayCapital.co.za: This company is going to take your trading to the next level!


There’s a new kid on the block and they are disrupting the traditional way of trading on the financial markets, in a good way of course. PatchayCapital.co.za went live this past week and they are not playing games at all, the aesthetic look of the site really does make any beginner or someone looking to become more advanced want to sign up! From the moment you land on the site to browsing through the different pages, it’s an incredible experience. I’m no professional trader myself, but from browsing through the site I am sold that I will be well taken care of from cradle to grave.

I managed to land an interview with the Founder and current Managing Director- Lorenzo Patchay this past weekend and interrogated his success of taking what was once just an idea to something worth bragging about. He played open cards and we spoke for a good few hours, as a born entrepreneur he feels that the South African market is being tormented by scam artists and forex gurus that just regurgitate plagiarized content.

On August 2018 he set out on a mission to deliver only the best and innovative services, founding the company Patchay Capital, makes one think of the SA version of Bobby Axelrod. On the contrary he prefers reinvesting back into assets rather than splurging it on fine dining and flashy cars. He strongly believes that the new website will deliver the right education and support to whomever wants to pursue a career in trading the financial markets. “We have put all efforts into making the site user friendly and with the correct training being given here at the institution, traders will be able to use the tools provided on the site to analyze the markets” says Lorenzo.

It seems like there’s only one objective on the Founders list and that is to drive education amongst the trading community. No doubt in my mind, that Patchay Capital will be breaking down stereotypes around trading financial instruments. The team at PC only deliver first class service and are expected to go over and above for their clients, as great customer support forms part of their company values.

In conclusion, I will put my money where my mouth is and say, “Click the link below!”.

Learn more at – www.PatchayCapital.co.za

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