Bengin Ahmad – Syrian Kurdish Photographer

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A good picture is more than a beautiful photograph; it encloses a wide range of emotions that tell the story of a moment frozen in the time. It’s easy to see the passion, dedication, and skillful practice that Bengin has put into his photography work through each & every photograph that he takes.

Being an equine photography lover, I came across the art work done by the Syrian photographer, Bengin Ahmad. I realized, much more than just clicking on the camera, he creates the photos by going over every detail to perfection, carefully crafting a unique visual experience through every photograph.

Bengin Ahmad is a Syrian-Kurdish photographer and creative director, famous for his equine photography. He is also passionate about digital art, animation, graphic design, and filmmaking. He is now working in Germany and Dubai since 2011.

How his journey to photography began?

He started photography in 2007. Aleppo’s old streets, the city’s citadel, and people’s portraits from different Syrian ethnicities were his first photography subjects. In 2009, his first solo exhibition was exhibited in Aleppo and after that, he has participated in various international contests and exhibitions. He achieved various awards and became an international award-winning photographer, and also obtained the Crown 1 distinction from the Global Photographic Union – GPU. His work has been published in various journals such as ABC News, The London Magazine, BBC and some more.

He strongly believes that photography rules are vital but breaking the rules to bring creativity can give birth to amazing art. The most important subject of his artwork is equine or horse photography. He has traveled to different countries to fulfill his passion for equine photography.

Being a believer in spreading art knowledge and experience, he delivers workshops and lectures on equine photography. The thing that excites me more is his belief in the freedom of the horses as he mostly takes images of the horses without any accessory, which yields equine photography closest to the nature.

You can find his photography on his official Instagram account. Also, you can follow him on his Twitter handle, @benginahmad. And let us know about your favorite shot by Bengin Ahmad.

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