What are the benefits of metal prints?


Since January, the leading Australian auction houses have sold over $38 million worth of art, nearly quadrupling the $10.7 million announced at the same time last year. Australia’s art auctioneers have quickly adapted to online bidding from major auction houses to multi-category clearance venues, and business has never been more substantial. While auction houses stream their live auctions and galleries promote their internet platforms, Australians are content to purchase art without viewing it in person. While there are numerous wonderful canvas paintings, many people overlook the fact that metal prints in Australia may be used to make stunning art backdrops!

What are the benefits of metal art prints?

While the media you use for picture printing is mostly a matter of personal preference, metal art offers some unique advantages. Metal prints in Australia are frameless, giving photographs a clean, modern appearance. You are not responsible for matting or framing the artwork; it is ready to hang when it arrives. Metal art is extremely durable due to its sturdy substance and expert finish. It still appears as new after twenty years as it looked on the first day.

In addition to their durability, metal prints are waterproof and scratch-resistant. That’s correct: you may hang it in your playroom, bathroom, kitchen, or even outdoors without fear of it being scratched or destroyed. You may rest assured that the artwork will maintain its pristine condition over time. You may be astonished at how wonderfully your photos will exhibit on a metal print in terms of appearance. Since the picture is infused into the aluminium sheet rather than being applied on top of it, it becomes more vibrant and clearer. In other words, the technique enhances the beauty of your photograph. When selecting a metal print, you have a few surfaces finish options:

A metal surface with a brushed finish enables the passage of a silver base-coat through your image, emphasizing the metallic aspects and muting the image’s colours.

A faithful surface to colour offers a white base coat that enhances the vibrancy of the image’s colours.

A lustrous finish isavailable for both types of surfaces and provides a more vivid, crisp aspect to the image.

Matte-finished is available for both surfaces and provides a more muted, subdued appearance.

Regardless of the surface or quality, metal prints produce less reflection than framed art. With metal prints in Australia, there is no glass to obstruct the light’s reflection. Nevertheless, you should avoid placing the metal print in bright sunlight to prevent fading.

Metal prints are becoming an increasingly popular alternative for home decor due to their durability and brilliance. To make sure that the medium is appropriate for the design you have in mind, you’ll want to examine a few essential factors.

The photograph you choose must be of the highest quality. This results in a sharp and professional image on the metal backplate. A metal print is a permanent work of art since the picture is printed right onto the material. In contrast to a standard glass frame, you will be unable to exchange images. Select a photograph that you will cherish for the coming years.

Metal prints elevate practically any photograph to special status due to their gorgeous aesthetic. Consider metal prints if you’re seeking a piece of art with longevity, flair, and personal significance.

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