All You Need to Know About Holden’s Exit from Australia

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After being in existence for about 160 years, Holden bids farewell to Australian markets. It’s a shocker for people who just bought a new Holden car. What will happen now? How would you access replacement holden parts? Where will your car get its servicing? So on, and so forth.

This is for you if you are an owner of a Holden car – Holden Colorado, Acadia, Trax, Commodore, Equinox. Here are all the answers you are looking for!

Can You Get a Refund on your Holden Car?

The short, sweet answer to this question is no. Your deal with Holden still stands, as does your financial arrangement with them. So, regardless of their services being winded up in Australia, you will not be eligible for any refund.

How Will You Get Your Holden Car Serviced?

Holden announces that despite their operations coming to an end in Australia, they will still perform car servicing for the next 10 years. Additionally, they will also serve spare holden parts to all the 1.6 million Holden vehicles on the road for the next decade.

After ten years, you would have to figure out the next steps yourself.

Will you Receive Free Car Servicing?

The next obvious question, indeed. Holden is committed to honoring their end of the bargain. So, if you recently purchased a Holden car with a 7-years free servicing offer, you will still receive it.

Similarly, they will provide you with any roadside assistance or other deal you struck with them.

Where Will You Get Your Car Servicing?

This is one question whose answer is not as straightforward as others.

Holden has promised to honor every one of its after-sale servicing deals and roadside assistance offers for the next 10 years. The details about where you would give this car servicing or assistance are unclear.

Holden would likely have to rebrand itself as an authorized servicing outlet to fulfill its promises. Hopefully, they will come out with their game plan soon.

What About Your Car Warranty?

Like other promises – car servicing deals or roadside assistance offer – Holden is sincere about honoring its car warranties. So, if you have recently purchased a Holden car, you will still receive the same coverage from Holden that you would’ve received otherwise.

Has Your Holden Car’s Resale Value Fallen?

The answer to that question is unclear, but the resale value is most likely damaged. Imagine this, if you were to buy a second-hand car, would you go for a brand with zero support network in the country?

With Holden discontinuing their business in Australia, the chances are that anyone buying a second-hand Holden is unlikely.

What About Your Car’s Recall Issues?

Like the warranty and car servicing promises, Holden will also honour all of its safety or recall issues when needed.

Where Can You Get the Holden Parts From?

If you need parts for replacement, you can find them Holden or not – your car will be covered in times of need!

Wrapping Up

When you spend your hard-earned money on your dream car, it’s unlikely to imagine it will completely wipe out from your country’s vicinity. Holden’s car’s goodbye hit people just as hard, too. It has left its customers bereft and has left about 800 employees jobless.

Hopefully, now that you have a view of what to expect and how to navigate this situation, it should not be troublesome!

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