Top Tips To Help You Keep Pantry Pests Out


There are several pantry pests that you need to be aware of and they can strike at any time of year. After all, your pantry offers shelter and food, the only other thing they need is water. That’s why, if you think you have pantry pests you need to find out more info about them and your local pest control service.

The quicker you take care of the issue the better. Although, it is worth noting that most pantry pests are harmless. Of course, that doesn’t mean you want them walking around your food!

Of course, they say prevention is better than cure. Knowing the top tips to keep pantry pests out will be beneficial.

Store Things Properly

The first step must be to look at how you are storing your food. Any paper packets or opened food packets should be stored inside metal or plastic containers. These should be airtight, preventing the food from spoiling and they will stop pests from wanting to go into your pantry.

Sealing The Space

The next step is to seal your pantry to prevent the pantry pests from entering. All you need is a sealant and a little time. Look carefully around your pantry until you find a gap. Then, seal it with your sealant and move on. You’ll be keeping all sorts of pests out. Don’t forget to check from the outside of your home as well. In fact, sealing all gaps will prevent a huge array of pests from entering your home.

Alongside this make sure you fit a brush strip to the bottom of the pantry door, this will prevent pests from coming under the doors.

Keep It Clean

Pantry pests and most pests are attracted to crumbs and other food waste. It may seem insignificant to you but it can be an entire meal to a pantry pest. Make sure all items are wiped down before going back in the pantry and the pantry is vacuumed regularly.

Preventing crumbs means there is nothing to invite the pests in. You should note this also applies to the kitchen, the cleaner you keep it the less appealing it is to pests in general.

Bay Leaves help!

Most pests are not keen on the smell of bay leaves. If you cut a few and put them around your pantry you’ll find that this repels pantry pests and helps to keep your food safe.

It is possible that some essential oils will also have the same effect, you can experiment with different ones to see how effective they are.

Monitor Your Food

The majority of pests prefer food that is ripe or going past its best date. To help prevent a pest invitation keep an eye on expiration dates and use up old food before it goes out of date. This reduces appeal and helps your pantry to stay pest-free.

Of course, if you already have a pantry pest issue clear the pantry completely, get the experts to eliminate the pests, and then follow the above steps for future peace of mind.

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