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Although downtown Atlanta dates back to the early 1800s, this downtown neighborhood is as modern and vibrant as if it had been built yesterday.

The district covers around four square miles and includes nine diverse neighborhoods.

With the terraced street cafes and bars and the area’s exciting nightlife, the streets of Downtown Atlanta don’t feel tired or shabby. Instead, they’re alive with a vibrant young energy. 

There are many diverse art galleries in the district, as well as innovative theaters and public artworks.

Downtown Atlanta is among the most exciting places to visit in the United States today because it has been revitalized and given a new lease of life. 

You’ll have an absolutely amazing time in Downtown Atlanta if you enjoy even one of these fourteen best things to do.

1. Atlanta Skyview

The best views of Downtown Atlanta can be had by taking a spin on the Skyview Atlanta Ferris wheel on Luckie Street.

There is nothing nearby to obstruct the vistas from the wheel, which is twenty stories tall, or over two hundred feet wide. 

The Downtown Atlanta skyline is stunning by day, and even more impressive at night when thousands of lights illuminate it.

There are 42 gondolas with air conditioning at Skyview Atlanta, one of which is a glass-bottomed, leather-seated and lighted VIP booth for those who desire this level of luxury.

2. The Ring-Fountain

Centennial Olympic Park in Downtown Atlanta has the largest fountain in the world dedicated to the Olympic rings, the Fountain of Rings. 

It is situated on Park Avenue and replicates the Olympic rings.

Its 250 jets spray up to 35 feet in the air four times a day in choreographed shows to music.

You can enjoy the shows during the day, so if it’s hot outside, you can cool off and have fun. 

It features stunning illuminations that can be hypnotizing after dark.

3. The Atlanta Cruzers

Downtown Atlanta can also be explored on four wheels, whichever is more convenient for you. It’s fun either way.

DT’s top sights can be seen on Segways with a guide. 

One and a half hours of city streets are covered on the tours, which include frequent narrated stops.

Let someone else drive an electric car while you relax in your seat. 

Eco-vehicles with driver guidance cover fifteen miles in ninety minutes and are capable of holding up to five passengers.

4. Museum at the Apex

On Auburn Avenue in Downtown Atlanta, the Apex Museum tells the story of African-Americans in Atlanta and in Georgia.

From the first arrivals to the present day, the museum depicts the timeline of African-Americans in the city. 

Exhibitions of photographs, bulletin boards, video presentations, artwork, and artifacts are all present alongside informative bulletin boards and exhibits.

5. Arena State Farm

Atlanta Hawks games and concerts can be seen at the State Farm Arena in Downtown Atlanta.

There are just under twenty thousand seats in this mega-venue, which has a fifteen-acre playing field. 

There are also restaurants serving Italian pasta and soul food and beer halls with spectacular views of the field.

6. Gallery ZuCot

DT Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park Avenue is home to the ZuCot Gallery, where you will find an entirely different art experience.

Both in the way works are exhibited and in the art presented at the three-thousand-five hundred square foot gallery, this is an exhibition space that is bold, colorful, eclectic, and definitely contemporary.

Regular and innovative tasting events are held by the ZuCot Gallery, as are talks with contributing artists.

7. Market at Ponce City

On Ponce De Leon Avenue in Downtown Atlanta, the old department store building housing the Ponce City Market is a treasure of the community. 

It won’t be a typical market; it’ll be much more varied.

Over thirty eateries, ranging from sushi to hot dogs, are housed in Ponce City Market’s shopping hall. Those are just the beginning.

Step onto the roof by taking the elevator. 

You will also find a mini-golf course, a cocktail bar, a beer garden, and some of the best views of downtown Atlanta.

8. There is a VIDA Ultra Lounge.

Check out the Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge in Downtown Atlanta for a sophisticated night on the town.

The club’s internal space consists of an enormous dance floor, lounges, and VIP booths that are over eleven thousand square feet in size. 

Before the DJ’s start spinning discs for the night, they offer a small but tasty menu for anyone who wishes to dine. 

Their cocktail list is as long as your arm and they serve all types of beverages.

The Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge is only for adults over 21 years old, and they appreciate it if your attire is hip and stylish.

9. The Coca-Cola World

At the World of Coca-Cola, you can learn all about the world’s most famous beverage.

 In downtown Atlanta, the Coca-Cola Museum is devoted to the company and their long-running drink.

Visitors can also sample sixty varieties of the drink at a tasting station that features a working bottling machine, presentations of the drink’s unique formula, informative videos and a working bottling machine.

10. Agatha’s Mystery Dinner Theater

Come to Agatha’s “A Taste of Mystery” Dinner Theater and enjoy a very different and entertaining evening. 

Dinner shows presenting mysteries and murders have been presented at the theater on Peachtree Center Avenue in Downtown Atlanta for thirty years.

Enjoy a five-course meal while watching the mystery comedy drama unfold at a table in the vintage-style dining room. 

There will be some slapstick, there will be laughter, but more importantly, there will be good food and good entertainment.

11. A bike-share system called Relay

Take a trip around Downtown Atlanta by renting a bike through Relay Bike Share’s scheme at Centennial Olympic Park or any other point where bicycles can be picked up and dropped off.

There are many fantastic cycle paths around downtown Atlanta. 

DT can be explored by pedal power on your mobile device. 

Just download the map app and you’ll be on your way. You can stop off and start again any time you like, which makes it an excellent way to explore.

12. Human Rights and Civil Liberties Center

At Pemberton Place in Downtown Atlanta, there is a museum devoted to civil and human rights. 

Not only in the US but worldwide, the museum showcases the achievements of the Civil Rights Movement.

Among the interesting exhibits at the museum are items tied to Martin Luther King and an interactive gallery about segregation, as well as other items from the civil rights movement.

Another fascinating exhibit at the museum is about some of the most dangerous dictators in history.

13. Southern Cuisine by Big Daddy

Make sure you try the regional cuisine before leaving Downtown Atlanta. 

You will spend a lot of time unable to get up from the table after dining at Big Daddy’s Southern Cuisine on Martin Luther King Jr Drive.

There are many good things to try here including fried chicken wings, pot roast cooked slowly, and beef liver smothered with onions. 

You won’t want to eat again for another week when you serve them with collard greens, yam soufflé, mashed potatoes or mac’n’cheese.

14. Distillery Old Fourth Ward

Experience the Old Fourth Ward Distillery in Downtown Atlanta to see how their drinks are made.

They use a single hundred and thirty-year-old method to make their gin and vodka on their premises. All distillery tours conclude with a tasting, as should all good ones.

Try the Lawn Dart if you haven’t yet. 

With the added kick of ginger, this is a true Downtown Atlanta slice of Italian Limoncello. 

You’ll be glad you tried it when you visit Atlanta.

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