Top 12 Avatar Based Virtual Conferences Platforms in India

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There are various virtual conference platforms across the world that offer avatar-based events. But it is essential to look for and pick one that can provide you smooth and uninterrupted services in India without difficulty. 

So, here is a complete list of Avatar Based Virtual Conferences Platforms in India that you can consider for your next virtual event. 

  1. VirBELA

VirBELA is one of the best virtual conference platforms that deals with the attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and various other participants who face remote connection, communication, and interaction challenges. They work with virtual technology in order to provide the users meet, host events, hold classes, and other online meeting services. 

Moreover, you can get the opportunity to create your Avatar with the VirBELA in order to add a sense of excitement to all the attendees. They will provide you with customizable outfits and hairstyles options to reflect your personality via the Avatar without hassle. Hence, users can experience a fully authentic virtual AGM platform experiencing & capturing every moment through a full-figure avatar.

2. Dreamcast

Dreamcast is one of the top avatar-based virtual conferences platforms in India. You can get various elements with Dreamcast that make interaction, communication, and networking easy. For instance, browser-based solutions, custom environment, DIY booth button icons & names, notifications, dynamic banners functionality, AI matchmaking tool, gamification, B2B meeting scheduler, networking tables, engagement via emoticons, WhatsApp and zoom meeting integration, access control, and various others.

3. Teooh

Teooh is a London-based virtual exhibition platform that provides various interactive and networking tools to conduct a successful virtual event. Also, they offer a full-figure Avatar to give the hybrid virtual attendees. They can create the best reflection of themselves using various elements. 

Moreover, Teooh offers big virtual meeting rooms for easy and huge gatherings. You can use the Avatars at the virtual AGM platform for large-scale interaction and networking. Also, you can enter small breakout rooms enduring face-to-face communication and discussion on a specific topic. So, you can get the best solution with Teeoh effortlessly, no matter what type of virtual event you organize.

4. Renhaus

Renhaus is an interactive virtual conference platform based in California. It provides the users a customizable virtual reality-based solution that everyone can experience via their PC, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It provides a face-to-face experience via 1:1 or group interaction features with a global reach. 

Moreover, you can use various unique elements in your virtual AGM platform with Renhaus. For instance, a 3D environment, a photo booth, branded backgrounds, video pop-ups, product info, promotions, games, and more. Also, the users can create Avatars reflecting their personalities using the various dresses and other provided elements.

5. MootUp

MootUp is a well-known virtual exhibition platform that offers avatar-based virtual experience with immersive and high-tech virtual technology. Moreover, you can use various elements like videos, images, gifs, and numerous infographics to make your virtual AGM platform impressive and attractive. 

Moreover, you can create networking and interaction with the other participants using the live video, audio call, and text chat features. Also, you can create avatars for more real-life and in-person interaction with the other participants. Hence, MootUp is the best virtual AGM platform beneficial to develop a better avatar-based virtual event in 2022. 

6. Next-Gen Event

Next-Gen Event is a virtual conference platform known for organizing different types of virtual team-building activities, meetings, conferences, trade fairs, conventions, summits, and other events for their employees and global attendees. In 2022, most enterprises believe the Next-Gen Event is the best 3D avatar-based virtual event platform. 

Moreover, they are the best in their services and work. You can get a perfect virtual AGM platform with loads of elements like an exhibitor floor, auditoriums, meeting rooms, a lobby, social spaces, and board rooms equipped with presentation tools & screens. Also, they make it easy for the users to teleport to different rooms without hassle with the 360-degree navigator.

7. Virtway Events

Virtway Events is a US-based virtual exhibition platform. Users can create their resembling avatars with Virtway Events as they provide a 3D environment and all the elements required to create an avatar. Moreover, users can walk through the platform space or attend sessions and communicate via 3D spatial audio and voice during the virtual event for an in-person event experience. Hence, the organizers, stakeholders, and other attendees can recreate realistic situations in the virtual world with avatars.

8. Event Farm

Event farm is a well-known virtual exhibition platform based in Washington and Los Angeles. It offers the creation of an avatar for a more real-life experience with virtual reality. Moreover, all the attendees, stakeholders, and organizers present at the event can interact with each other efficiently via voice chat, text chat, and fun animations. Also, Event farm makes the sessions at their virtual AGM platform smooth with elements such as file sharing, laser pointers, and video casting features.

9. Hyper Fair

Hyper Fair is one of the best virtual exhibition platforms. It offers user resembling avatars to all the users attending the live virtual event. Moreover, it can be a beneficial 3D avatar-based virtual exhibition platform to boost retention and increase the opportunities for your business in 2022 by connecting potential customers across the world.

10. Grupo Fair

Grupo Fair is a well-known virtual conference platform. It provides services around various virtual trade fairs, job fairs, conferences, summits, and business events using the 3D avatar. Moreover, it requires KYC authentication for all the users if they want to create an avatar for them. Hence, you can create a high-end virtual reality experience with a 100% reliable, authentic and secure virtual exhibition platform, Grupo Fair. 

11. Avianet

Avianet is one of the well-known virtual conference platforms offering a unique and new experience with 3D avatar technology. Moreover, users can endure a totally different and unforgettable experience with the 3D virtual exhibition platform and their resembling avatars. Also, you can experience peer-to-peer contact & more self-expressions in avatar.

12. AltSpaceVR

AltSpaceVR is a US-based virtual exhibition platform. It offers 3D avatars in order to make the virtual event experience more real and in person. Moreover, they create a family-friendly experience with interactive and communicative elements for the audience around the world. Hence, you can create avatars with a rudimentary appearance and customization capabilities.

So, these are the 11 avatar-based virtual conference platforms that you can consider to conduct a virtual event in India. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to choose the best virtual AGM platform for your next event in 2022.

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