7 Strategies E-commerce Websites can follow for Valentine's Day

7 Strategies E-commerce Websites can follow for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is one of the important e-commerce holiday seasons. In recent years, most people prefer to get Valentine’s Day gifts online. In 2020, around 29% of buyers purchased gifts from online shopping sites. As per the study, 35% still purchased gifts from departmental stores, 19% picked up gifts from specialty stores and 17% stopped by florists.

Here are a few strategies that you can follow for your Indian online shopping website for Valentine’s Day.


As Christmas and New Year is already over, it’s time for you to start showcasing Valentine’s products in your stores. If you haven’t planned it yet, start planning now before it’s too late. Most consumers start shopping a few days before the main day but as a marketplace you should be ready with your products and promotions earlier. If you will not get everything prepared in advance, you may not be able to deliver the products on time.

You can even let your customers know about the delivery time as this will help them to know if their gifts will arrive on time or not.


Valentine’s Day is not just associated with couples even the singles also celebrate Valentine’s Day by purchasing gifts for themselves and their family or friends. So, this is the great time for any business to get a boost. There are a variety of items that people purchase during Valentine’s Day like chocolates, jewelleries, cards, candies, flowers and more. 

A customer who is smart will surely make a purchase during Valentine’s Day because he/she knows that even the prices of general products will be reduced on this day. This means that even if you don’t focus on selling jewelry or chocolates, your website will probably get a boost from Valentine’s Day Sale. Showcase items that are ideal as gifts “For Him” or “For Her”. This will surely grab the attention of the customers.


If you want to get in touch with your audience directly, email marketing can help you with that. Create an attractive email marketing campaign containing the requirements of your customers and what products you are providing. You can even make your customers feel special by providing them special offers, discount flyer and coupon codes. Providing coupon codes is one of the best ways to encourage customers for doing more shopping.

Also, don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is not just about couples, therefore send a single’s indulgence email as well. Inspire singles to do shopping for them by offering discounts on products that are fit for singles.


Everybody’s top-selling products are different depending on the type of business they are doing. It might happen that your top-selling products are not related to Valentine’s Day at all. So, check out your inventory and find out products that can be linked to this special day. Try to keep the right products in the spotlight by making use of pop-ups and other features. 


Never think that all your buyers are purchasing gifts for their partners. As per the research around 27% of single people buy Valentine’s Day gift for themselves while some of them shop for their family members and friends. So, offering only romantic gifts will not be a great idea. Try to find out which of your products can be a great gift for Valentine’s Day.


Customers have a fear of missing out (FOMO) and by taking advantage of this fear you can generate more sales. The limited time offers, flash sales and promotions are the great ways of tapping into this FOMO. For flash sale, simply create a page containing items to be sold at a minimum price. In your Valentine’s Day flash sale, you can add items like mugs, chocolates, greeting cards and others. After getting all these things done, promote your sale across various platforms like emails, social media, text messaging and Google ads.


If we talk about product delivery, most buyers want their items to be delivered faster and they even expect free shipping. According to the research, almost 60% of buyers decide to cancel their order if they didn’t get free shipping in their order. If you are unable to offer free and fast shipping, try providing some other options to the buyers. For instance: You can offer free shipping but take charges for faster delivery.


The holiday season can be the best time for online marketplaces to increase their profits. So, if you will plan and execute your Valentine’s Day campaign in a proper way it can be highly effective in bringing new customers and making the existing customers happy. We hope that the above strategies will help you to take advantage of the shopping spree that happens because of Valentine’s Day.

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