Prosperous Careers of the Next Big Future: Safest job in the world for teens

Prosperous Careers of the Next Big Future: Safest job in the world for teens


Jobs and professions have disappeared throughout history and have been replaced by new ones in the labor market. For example, there is no need to light gas lamps in the streets. Some occupations have evolved, such as tooth extraction. The owners of this job now serve the community with the title of the dentist.

Jobs such as distributing milk, newspapers, or printing have also declined. In addition to declining jobs,new jobs such as web design, professional sports, media consulting, and biotechnology were not mentioned until a few years ago. The future will see similar changes, and new jobs are expected to emerge in information technology, alternative energy and global trade.

For anyone looking for career success, the future is precious, because, from today, one can facilitate his future career advancement by choosing the right career path. Also, his job security will be less endangered. Accordingly, centers worldwide seek to predict the future of jobs and continuously provide reports in this regard.

This list is categorized according to different areas and introduces future jobs in each area. The jobs on this list are based on forecasts made by the 2030 horizon. Some of these jobs already exist and will be in high demand in the future. Such jobs are growing in terms of job needs and professions. Some will be completely new.

The field of medical sciences and health

It has always been a vital part of human life, and its importance will increase in the future. Even today, we are witnessing the growth of life expectancy in different societies, increasing attention to human health, from birth to the end of life. Jobs that are projected in this area for years to include: Medical Data Management, Medical Equipment Designer, Medical Lifecycle Designer, Medical Marketing Specialist, Medical Robot Operator, Molecular Nutritionist, Elderly Health Advisor, Online Physician, Personal Health Specialist, Health Research and Development Manager, Implant Designer and Robotic Prosthetics, Tissue engineer, bioethics specialist, acne related problems, bioinformatics or bioinformatics specialist, gene therapy and genetic counseling specialist.


It is one of the vital infrastructures of the future responsible for economic development and people’s daily well-being. This IndustryIndustry will be one of the leaders in creating jobs in the world. The requirements of modern construction will lead to a significant change in the industry.

Important future jobs in this field are Three-dimensional print designer in the field of construction, accessible environment design, designer and manager of building information modeling, construction technology upgrade expert, an environmental analyst in the field of construction, supervisor, smart home infrastructure designer, renovation and reinforcement of old houses and architect of non-consumable buildings Energy.

Security Affairs

Before the 1990s, security matters were increasingly considered by citizens or the government; but after this decade, a sector called private services developed in this area, which also overgrew.

Jobs in this field will focus more on the above section, and jobs related to national security, military affairs and crime prevention are not included in this section. Business Continuity Management, Wearable Security Device Ergonomics Designer, Systematic Environmental Disaster Reduction Designer, Integrated Industrial Security Inspector, Personal Security Designer, and Remote Security Coordinator


It is another significant area for the future of the world growing in sectors such as small aircraft, regional airports and the like. Humanity expects the emergence of many breaking technologies in this field, which will increase its importance in the future.

Emerging technologies will bring new jobs and specializations: Aircraft Recycling Technician, Aerospace Designer, Aerospace Infrastructure Designer, Dynamic Intelligent Management System Designer, Operational Data Analysis, Small Aircraft Production Engineering and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Designer with Inter-Professional Skills.

Culture and Art

Culture is one of the oldest spaces of human creativity, but it is gradually limited to the exclusive privilege of experts’ limited circle. Due to machines’ routine operations, more and more people will be involved in creative activities and the production of their works of art.

Careers with a bright future in this field are Art assessors, collective arts supervisors, creative instructors, private nature development tutors and scientific artist.


Information technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. The changes that have taken place in this sector have opened up new and extraordinary opportunities in other areas such as design, transportation, resource management, marketing and training. On the other hand, numerous advances in various fields of science and technology and multinational companies’ activities in different geographical areas have increased the need for training.

Some of the new and promising jobs in this field are Awareness training tool design, ecosystem preacher, online learning platform coordinator, training path designer, game educator, game teacher, mental fitness instructor, mediator or balancer, project training organizer and startup mentor.

Tourism and hospitality

Tourism is an ancient phenomenon that has gradually expanded and become popular with the ease of travel. Hospitality is an essential part of attracting tourists and developing tourism. The hospitality industry of hotels, restaurants, guided tours, etc. has excellent growth potential in many countries that have attractive and spectacular places and have not yet been able to introduce it well to the world.

Growth opportunities still exist, especially outside of metropolises, large industrial centres, small towns with historical backgrounds and nature. The following jobs are expected to grow and develop in this area: Augmented reality area designer, personal tour manager, mobile robot, smart travel systems designer, brand space manager, territory architecture and tour navigation design.

Media and entertainment

In the twentieth century, mass media has become an essential tool for communication. Their main goal was to provide as much information as possible to people about what is happening globally. This role is changing in the 21st century, making it possible to limit the flow of information.

In response to this change, media sources are gradually moving away from news sources. By applying powerful filters, clarifying important messages, and getting acquainted with agendas, they take a new information transfer path. Even today, the user can adjust their input feed to read a specific page. Or filter the information on social networks using special software. Of course, simplifying these settings so that the user can easily make them is one of the digital world’s advantages.

In the future, users will adjust their information flow and apply their editing principles to it. This new world of media, which is active in the field of entertainment in addition to news, demands new jobs. Content Editor, Emotional Designer, Game Intern, Information maker and arranger, Media Policeman, Media Software Designer, Meaning Maker, Virtual Reality Architect, and Virtual World Designer.


The biotechnology industry has grown exponentially in the industrial world and is overgrowing in the semi-industrial and developing world. This IndustryIndustry is still one of the most promising industries globally in the next decade that will develop itself. It will also significantly impact other industries such as health, electrical and power engineering, raw materials, and the rural and urban economy.

In this IndustryIndustry, new specialized jobs are emerging or growing, the most important: Designer of living systems, ecologist of public spaces and parks, biotechnology of systems and urban ecologist.


The world’s population will increase by another 2 billion by 2050. This population will increase the need for more food. Humanity must pay more attention to the agricultural sector to avoid global famine. There are serious challenges such as climate change, soil fatigue and depletion, reduction of crop diversity and extinction of some plant species along the way. Meeting these challenges will require new technologies and, consequently, new specializations.

Some of the emerging or growing jobs in this field are agricultural ecologist, agricultural economist, agricultural information and engineering specialist, automated agricultural equipment operator, urban farmer and farmer of genetically modified crops.

Production and storage of energy

On the one hand, the energy crisis and the world’s growing need to provide energy for various purposes. The field of energy production and storage will be one of the most critical areas of human interest in the future. Alternative energies are also related topics that will be given more and more attention in the future. Both of these areas will require further technological advancement.

Technological advancement means creating new specialities to lead it, and that in itself means new jobs. Some essential jobs in this field are:

  • Designer of energy storage devices.
  • Specialist of local power supply systems.
  • Designer of micro-generator systems.
  • Manager of the upgrading of power generation systems.
  • Designer of recovery and improvement systems.
  • Designer of wearable devices that generate energy and weather expert in the electricity industry.

Power distribution networks and power management

If electricity is the economy’s blood, the power distribution networks are its circulatory system. The world’s complexity is growing, and as a result, the need for power supply networks and related jobs is increasing. Critical changes in distribution networks and power consumption have depended on smart grid technologies. These networks have intelligent control systems that allow optimal operating methods based on the amount of load consumption in a residential or office building—for example, the washing machine only at night and when used sparingly.

Future jobs related to this field are Electric vehicle charging station operator, electricity consumer rights specialist, energy auditor, power consumption system designer, power distribution network controller, power marketing specialist and system engineer for smart power distribution networks.

Road transportation.

People’s travels are increasing day by day, making the transportation industry more prominent. We move distances far and near intermittently, and as these shifts increase in the future, there will be more stringent requirements in terms of speed, comfort, and cost of travel.

The advent of intelligent systems as an essential part of traffic management and vehicle control infrastructures, such as drones, will dramatically impact the IndustryIndustry soon. Materials and even roads will become smarter, and all of these developments promise the emergence of new jobs.

Some jobs can be named Automated Transportation System Operator, Cross-Procurement Operator, Vehicle Composite Structures Designer, High-Speed ​​Railway Designer, Multifunctional Transport Networks Designer, Multifunctional Transportation Technician, Intelligent Management System Architecture, Intelligent Road Builder and Transportation Network Safety Engineer.

Water transport

Water transport is one of the essential types of transport. However, its role has somewhat diminished in the last decade. It is still an essential part of the transportation industry, especially in international and intercontinental transportation.

This system also plays a vital role in tourism. The multi-application system has been developed in maritime transport. Intelligent management systems are also used in this area. For example, they transport cargo under a contract with different modes of transport, such as ships and trains. At the same time, work is being done on the introduction of new fuels and advanced materials. Combining the above technologies in water transportation can lead to the emergence of new jobs. Arctic navigation specialist, submarine infrastructure systems specialist and port ecologist


Despite science fiction films such as Star Wars, it has lost some of its popularity due to a lack of significant space technology advances. Today, however, it is at a turning point due to its success in the private aerospace sector. Aside from the small number of space travel leaders, the aerospace sector is becoming a commercial sector that offers ample opportunities for private business creation.

For example, in 2023, after a long training course and a one-year journey, a group of four will set foot on Mars. This journey will be repeated every two years so that in 2035, the planet’s population will reach 20 people. With the help of Dara, NASA plans to send another human-crewed spacecraft to other planets in the next century.

A completely different world is emerging in this sector, which originates mainly from digital technologies. Working in this field requires unmatched expertise, including Life Support System Engineer, Space Biologist, Space Geologist, Space Structure Life Cycle Designer, and Space Travel Manager.

Mining and processing of mineral resources

Demand for minerals will remain high in the coming decades, which is why the IndustryIndustry will still need a quality workforce. Some factors are vital components of the current situation that will change further in the future. Traditional reservoirs of oil, gas and other resources are running out, and the world needs new methods and new resources.

Environmental requirements are increasingly affecting the transportation and processing of minerals. Efforts are underway to reduce mineral production costs and increase production efficiency. Drone technologies will revolutionize mineral extraction and processing, and because of the possibility of remote work, the workforce movement in this traditional field will increase.

All of this, along with increasing the importance of safety in mining-related jobs, will introduce new jobs to the market and increase the value of some existing jobs. New jobs in this field are: Distributed Mining Team Coordinator, Environmental Analyst in Mining Industry, Mining Systems Engineer, Robotics Systems Engineer, Remote Sensing Data Interpreting Engineer and Exploration Drone Operator.


Metallurgy is another important field of work, especially in the logic of having high mineral resources. Competition in this field of work is growing and moving towards safer production processes, using new equipment and improving the quality of technological processes will cause fundamental changes in it.

 Production standards in this area will upgrade to white metallurgy. In the future, new jobs will appear in this field.Using production methods that have a less destructive effect on the environment, The use of metallurgical industry waste, reducing the size of the metallurgical Industry with the development of technologies, increasing customer demands for metallurgical product characteristics, developing new products such as nanopowders, increasing the share of bio-metallurgy, producing precision alloys and many other things have transformed this Industry.

Advanced materials and nanotechnology

Technological advances are now almost recognizable because we are using traditional materials more efficiently; we are also creating new materials with predefined parameters. These improvements will significantly improve product quality, mainly in the aerospace, mechanical engineering and construction industries.

Heterogeneous composite materials, which consist of a reinforcing component and a matrix and promise to improve strength, weight and plasticity, Materials science will revolutionize. In the future, composite structures may also contain intelligent components (controllers and microchips) that allow the user to change the device’s properties or, for example, the room to the desired state.

The result of these developments will be the emergence of an active work environment, living and studying environment that can be controlled by intelligent systems or the user, which can be changed depending on personal taste. Such a world would require new jobs: Glass Engineer, Nanomaterial Designer, Recycling Technology Specialist, Nanotechnology Safety Engineer, Smart Material Designer and Composite Material System Engineer.

Mechanical and Robotics Engineer

Because robot manufacturing techniques have grown dramatically, they have become cheaper and have attracted a lot of attention to artificial intelligence. An idea that has long been associated with science fiction may be realized shortly. According to research by Cisco, the number of home robots doubles almost every nine months. In the 2020s, robots will become part of the interior equipment of residential homes in urban areas. There are even models under construction that can take care of the elderly.

Such an advanced world will require new professionals and new jobs. Home Robot Designer, Industrial Robot Designer, Medical Robot Designer, Multipurpose Robotics System Designer, Kids Robot Designer, Robot Composite Engineer, Neural Relationship Designer for Robot Control and Ergonomic Designer

Light Industry

These industries’ products are used in all areas of human life, from public life to the entertainment and fashion industries that play an essential role in the world. Advances in synthetic fibers and intelligent fibers are the highest technology that has led to the production of beautiful types of clothing or shoes.

The emergence of genetic products in the production of specific fibers, the personalization of clothing, and the possibility of setting up small factories to produce unique clothing, online custom tailoring, and 3D printing growth are all trends that will transform the future of the Light Industry.

Due to these developments, new jobs are emerging or growing in these areas such as Advanced fiber designer, 3D model of clothes programmer, clothing recycling specialist, clothing hygiene specialist, IT relations designer for light industries and technology fashion specialist.

Children’s products and services

Children-related products and services are an essential part of social life. What children play today affects their interests, values, and perceptions of the world around them in the future. Video games of children puts a significant impacts. It means that everything made for children’s play must have an educational purpose in the first place.

Until recently, the children’s IndustryIndustry was not an independent industry. For example, sofas for children were made by furniture makers, and light industries provided children’s clothing industries.

This situation was moving in a direction where the needs of children were ignored. But since 2013, especially in the United States, an independent industry for children has emerged. Several vital processes are now taking place in the industry. The first is media development. 90% of the products produced in this IndustryIndustry are based on famous personalities of children and Stories related to them are made. This method affects the values ​​and behavioral standards of children. The second event is the adoption of a new strategy for toy making. In this strategy, educational products are created for life. They appear in all media and gradually help children grow as they grow up.

New jobs in this field are Child Future Image Specialist, Child Mental Security Specialist, Director of Child Research and Development, Multimedia Storytelling.

Information Technology Department

Information technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. The changes taking place in this sector have created new and incredible opportunities in design, transportation, resource and workforce management, marketing, and training. Telecommunications, providing digital solutions, drastically increasing the volume of data, devices and software that help human beings in various fields, countering Cyber Attacks, Virtual reality is examples of these developments that are changing human life every day. Numerous jobs have emerged in this area now, and there will be similar growth in the future. Examples of new or growing jobs in this field are Big data model designer, Cyber detective, Hybrid war, Digital linguist, Informal Security Supervisor, Information Systems Architect, Interface Designer, IT auditor, And Neural Interface Designer, Online Lawyer, Personal profile security advisor, Smart Environment Cyber Technician.

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