How to Play and Earn with Axie Infinity | Step by Step Guide

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Axie Infinity basically operates on blockchain technology, and the game now provides full ownership over all the game items that players usually collect inside the game. It is to be noted that a Vietnamese startup that works in the gaming industry developed the Axie Infinity, and the name of the studio is being dubbed Sky Mavis, which was created way back in 2018. Now, the inspiration for the game stemmed from the ultra-famous Nintendo game “Pokemon Go” and tried to revamp the concept from a new perspective. This is how Axie Infinity came into the picture and was able to perform exceptionally well. It undeniably has versatile gameplay, which allows the users to go a step beyond in their pursuit of earning significant rewards along the way. 

What can you look forward to? 

Now, all the digital coins that gamers can collect along the way are known as digital pets, and they are widely renowned as Axies. But, you might wonder how it actually operates and what are the ways to do it in a productive way? Well, all the digital pets are not just thrown into the battle right away. Rather, they are given precise training, and they are also reared and fed so that they will be able to fight or battle successfully in the entire Axie ecosystem. There are two predominant Axie gaming tokens which are commonly known as Axie Infinity Shard and Small Love Potion. They both are commonly referred to as AXS and SLP. In SLP, users can earn significant rewards depending on the consecutive battle that they win along the way. Now, such tokens can be used to form more creatures that will eventually fight and will also become an essential part of the auctions. 

Extended universe of Axie Infinity 

There is a designated Axie marketplace where all the different kinds of creatures are gathered by their owners, and the auctions take place subsequently. On the other hand, AXS holders have a special privilege, and they have their respective voting rights. And such AXS can be used further to win substantial prizes, and it also allows the gamers to access more of the in-game perks and features along the way. Such tokens can be staked by the owners, and they are all used in accordance with the battle which ensues as a part of the game. Users also have an option to successfully invest in the AXS, which can be done quite seamlessly through the crypto investment app. Here are some quick tips for investing to keep in mind: 

How can Axie be bought? 

  • Users are supposed to create an Axie account. 
  • Robin wallet will be created thereafter. This wallet is created by Sky Mavis. 
  • Now, connect the Axie account to the Ronin wallet, which will later be activated and will appear on the dashboard. 
  • Visit the Axie Infinity marketplace, where you will get to see other kinds of Axies on sale, and you have the option to purchase them. They will be your first three Axies. 
  • You now have the option to download the app & you can begin to experience the game for good. 


Axie Infinity is in its pursuit to own the digital ecosystem, and it has allowed the users to earn while playing. Hence, the prominence of play-to-earn is pervasive, and there are other similar games that are showing up in the picture. Millions of people are catching up with the trend, which is why Axie Infinity continues to create history with its popularity. The game will continue to rise as there are constant updates to the game, and now the users have more options to explore successfully in the game. Now, it is only a matter of time before we will see the game unfold its new features and grip the attention of the new users along the way. 

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