Create a Nexus of Metaverse Worlds using Ozura’s “Multiverse Standard”


Ozura is transforming how truly intertwined metaverse realities can be by developing the possibility of parallel virtual worlds, which were only hypothetical until now. 

Do you remember the movie Ready Player One? The oasis, a vast network of game worlds – was established in this book turned blockbuster film, which allowed players to move freely using not only the same persona but acquired assets interchangeably in each world.

Ozura’s platform is creating a similar ecosystem where game developers, growing communities, or esteemed projects can construct their own labeled Metaverse and users can transition between all of these worlds with their avatars and content thanks to Ozura’s open-source nature.

“At the moment, the new wave in crypto is the Metaverse. It’s all anyone is talking about, but our goal is always to stay one step ahead of what’s to come. Why compete for metaverse space? Why can or should there only be one? At Ozura, we believe every Metaverse has a place to interact within the greater ecosystem. The Ozura standard we’ve created makes this possible. A whole ‘multiverse’ of interoperable metaverses, all working in a tangent for the overall community’s success, progression, and interrelation.”

(Grant Fields, CTO at Ozura)

Decentraland and Sandbox are two of the most prominent participants in the Metaverse sector to date. However, users are restricted to their respective platforms. No participant can transfer their avatars and assets to another platform or metaverse world. This will be an ongoing issue in the future and will only hinder user immersion as popularity in the space continues to grow. 

Ozura is not attempting to compete with these other platforms. Rather than aiming to be a singular all controlling metaverse, Ozura encourages developers and projects alike to build their own metaverses and join a truly interrelated “multiverse” open to all users. 

Ozura is a comprehensive ecosystem that will continuously evolve and guide users towards the future of blockchain-based gaming and metaverse development capabilities via its disruptive work.

The much-anticipated Ozura metaverse is not available yet. However, Ozura is set to be launched sometime in 2022, and it won’t be long before you can explore the state-of-the-art blockchain-based gaming platform. Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms for first-hand updates. 

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