How to level ground for a pool without digging The Easiest and best way

How to level ground for a pool without digging? The Easiest and best way.

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Pools can be an amazing place to sit and relax after a long tiring day at work. However, if your pool isn’t perfectly levelled or arranged unevenly then it can cause you a lot of problems. Levelling the pool is majorly a task for experts and technicians but most people prefer to do everything themselves. Pools are meant for yourself and it is you who can fix the ground as we have different easy ways of fixing it.

Threats of Unlevelled Pools

Whether you are a person who can do everything yourself or not, you can still look up the ways of levelling the ground for a pool without digging up the entire space. We know how difficult it is for you to imagine that diving into your fresh and active pool on a hot day light can be a major threat for you. It can happen if your pool isn’t properly levelled or installed by the pool technicians. The worst that could happen to you is if your pool is installed on an uneven surface, it will automatically engraved a pit having a deep end on a single side of the pool. It will not only make your pool look bad but also it is extremely dangerous.

One of the biggest risks for every person enjoying their pool is an unevenly installed pool which can transform water as a force violently breaking one side of the pool, putting all the strength with its contents out, particularly you. This uneven installation can be an extreme risk for you causing major injury for not only the people in the pool but also the one standing outside. It could wash away all your fun for summer. For avoiding this to happen, you have to take the time, fix it, and level it properly. In this article, we’ll list the steps for levelling the ground for a pool without digging.

Levelling the pool ground without digging

There are a few steps that can level up the ground for your pool without digging. Some of them are as follows:

Step1: Check if the ground level between both ends

One of the major steps to level down the pool ground without even digging is to check if the ground level between both ends i.e deep and shallow is approximately 2 inches. A simple yet effective way to do it is by screwing two boards having 2×4 dimensions with each other, making them maximum two feet longer than pool diameter.

Step2: slowly lift one side lowering on the boards

After that you have to place those attached boards on the pool ground and ensure it ro be levelled properly at the top. Now, you have to slowly lift one side lowering on the boards until it completely levelled. Next, you have to properly measure the distance from the bottom of the attachment towards the ground. You will check how unevened and indistant your ground will turn out.

Step3: Drill a hole in the middle

Later, you have to drill a hole in the middle of the 2×4 attachment, reducing about a quarter inch. You can hit a metal rod through the hole protecting the boards lying on the ground. After then you can pour some sand all around the area filling up most of the sand in the unbalanced pool range. It is necessary to add all the required sand necessary to level up the sand by rotating boards at all ends.

Step4: Tampering down the sand

After that step, you can start tampering down the sand you’ve placed earlier. You have to wet the sand with water and tamper it side by side until it turns compact and hardened. It is a very crucial step important to be performed for a levelled pooling range. You have to level the entire service with this method without leaving any spot unturned. Also, avoid walking in that area and keep the surface as smooth as possible.

Step5: Use Metal stake to driving it

Now, take a metal stake and try driving it into the center for checking any building codes. This step is for ensuring that you can pool is properly installed and is observing the local ordinances. It is important to advise that major municipalities need pools to be at a specific distance from your property or any existing building.

Step6: String 6 inches longer than your pool

Measure a piece of string approximately 6 inches longer than your pool radius and place a knot by it from the stake after the sand is firm. After that you can hammer in the center of the sand. Now you can tie a can of spray color to the loose end and pull it out of the grass. You have to mark a 6-inch target on the grass as well, it is the target at which it needs to be evened. Remove the grass, roots, and sods within the marked area and excrete the work area.

Step7: Start assembling the level of your wooden plank

Immediately clean the workspace and start assembling the level of your wooden plank. Get a 1×6 inch wooden plank which should be longer than the pool radius. Tape the plank centered by an inch side and hammer the nails having 4-inch length within the side of the plank, next to the level of the carpenter. Take out the stake and hammer a square stake flushing the surface in its place. Now you have to drive the plank’s nail into the square stake at the middle so it can move around the pool area easily.

Step8: Spread a crushed limestone layer

Lastly, you have to spread a crushed limestone layer over the entire area and seal it by tampering, wetting and leveling the surface. Now your pool is ready to roll in summers until the soil flushes up with the limestone completely.


Maintaining the pool can be an efficient and easy task. All you have to do is follow all the above-defined steps describing the most simple method for pool maintenance and leveling. With these easy steps, you can have your dream pool within your house in no time. This process is not only efficient for avoiding any future problems and ensuring proper installation.

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