Best way to sell your Exotic Car in Atlanta



Pawning an exotic car is not a deal that you should conduct in a local pawn shop. A pawn on a car that is exotic is a high-end , speciality deal that requires a reliable asset lender who is experienced in appraising and storing high-end cars. Chapes-JPL is the nation’s premier asset lender. It’s among the few companies that provide free car storage with any loan for a classic or expensive car.


You’re probably the owner of the latest supercar it wasn’t acquired working as an employee at a lower level. A majority of the exotic automobile owners are entrepreneurs with years of experience running successful enterprises. Entrepreneurs can also experience irregular cash flows and may require a loan in order to meet economic or business-related issues. Unfortunately, banks of the traditional type aren’t big fans of irregular cash flows when it comes to granting loans.

What happens if you just happen to own an absolutely stunning, luxurious car that is worth a amount of money? Why sell it? It might be better to use it as a pawn instead of selling it. The owner could lose as much as 30% of the value of an asset when it is sold. Jeff Zager, CEO of Chapes-JPLhas listed three reasons for the pawning of a high-value asset such as a high-end car, as opposed to using the traditional bank loan process where any collateral remains in owner’s hands while the loan is in force.

Pawning transactions are more efficient than traditional loans.

There is no material credit risk as the collateral collateral of the asset is stored within the storage facility of the asset lender.

The car you want to lease can be less expensive than selling it for cash.

The rates of interest for Chapes JPL are typically from 3 to 4 per cents per month for an expensive the pawn loan. Then if your business opportunity is successful and you earn significant profits it is possible to repay the pawn loan at a rate of interest and then get your car back.


As you contemplate pawning your dream vehicle, it’s important to be sure that it’s eligible to pawning. Otherwise, you may find that your car is not as valuable as you thought. According to there are seven criteria that qualify a vehicle as an exotic car:

Limited Edition :

This implies that your vehicle is completely out of the norm There are very few cars around like it.

The price is high :

Again, it is no common vehicle. The rule of thumb appears to be that any vehicle priced higher than $200,000 can be considered to be an exotic vehicle. Examples include Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and so on.

High-end Electronics :

This feature appears a little “iffy” when considering a car extravagant. Technology advancements and lower prices for electronic systems.

In the current market may result in an identical experience for electronics in exotic cars compared to average ones.

Stunning Design Amazing Design Exotic cars :

a distinct look that’s “out of the norm,much more sophisticated and sleeker if you compare them with normal cars

Soft Leather Upholstery: An extravagant car typically has “state-of-the-art” and elegant interiors that outdo standard cars.

Robust Powertrain – One important characteristic that distinguishes an exotic car to a regular car is the fact that the manufacturer has put more emphasis on the design of an exotic vehicle on power and performance rather than on mileage or economy.

Personalized Personalized Exotic automobiles aren’t assembly line models; customers create and customize them to suit their own needs and wants.

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