3 Inspiring Ideas for A Perfect Date in San Francisco


3 Inspiring Ideas for a Perfect Date in San Francisco

Lots of Opportunities for Love
San Francisco is a city of excess and starkness, it’s a place of closeness and emptiness; a world of contradictions nestled in a tight area in the middle of California. You’ll find some of the world’s best restaurants there, and for the person of means, there are endless opportunities for romance. But what if you’re not a tech billionaire?

Following we’ll briefly explore three fine ideas for dates in San Francisco that you and your significant other will love, and which won’t break the bank.


1. Take a Walk Down Lombard Street or Other Urban Locales
Lombard street is such a beautiful area of San Francisco, with finely manicured foliage, hand-rails, excellent views, and a manageable length, it’s a fine option for an afternoon date that costs nothing and leaves you both with delicious, tasteful memories.

All you’ve got to do is pick her up at the bottom, drive to the top, you both walk down, then rendezvous with your cars. Though, in San Francisco, it’s often best to take local transportation options and make a whole afternoon of it. You can walk Lombard street, then find a nearby shop you’ve never visited and rest your legs a while. That’s a fine, cheap date!

2. A Day at Golden Gate Park – How About a Picnic in Summer?
Golden Gate Park is vast and gorgeous, and it’s definitely a fine idea if you’re trying to think of the perfect cost-effective date in San Francisco. There are many spots up on the hill, and you can mosey on down to the marina and see the old architecture by the pier. It’s a good walk, the air is brisk and beautiful in summer, and you’ll definitely build memories.

As an alternative to a walk, why not have a picnic in Golden Gate Park? That’s a bucket list item for some people. If you’re living in San Francisco, it’s an affordable date!


3. Take in a Night of Comedy
Check out this guide to San Francisco’s comedy scene to get an idea of where you might want to go. Comedy has been an old standby for romantic couples for generations. Really, it’s the perfect date. Shows are cheap (often free) and they only last about ninety minutes. This means before and after the show, you’re only at the venue for about three hours, tops.

Comedians often love couples and have material built to make your night better. Here’s the thing: be careful about the kind of show you go to. You can go to open mic nights all throughout The Bay Area, and some will feature strong comedians, and others will feature new guys who don’t know what they’re doing. Definitely, know how your date will react, and choose carefully.

Finding Love in the City by the Bay
A night of comedy, a walk down Lombard Street or a picnic in Golden Gate Park are three cost-effective, fun dates if you’re in San Francisco. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make memories with the love of your life in the city by the bay.

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