Alternative Lifestyles For Those Who Dare To Be Different


Here we are in 2022 and the universe continues to expand, as this blue planet speeds through space, its path controlled by the sun; we don’t yet know for certain that there is intelligent life out there, but with more planets than grains of sand of all the beaches in the world (including the deserts), it is extremely unlikely that we are alone. Conspiracy theorists tell us that we are being controlled by a bunch of evil satanists, which may well be the case; governments are almost dictatorial in nature and democracy seems to have flown out the window and this is leading people to explore alternative lifestyles.

Here are a few examples of against-the-grain lifestyles that people take up, as they look to break the mould.

  • Digital nomad – Stick your finger up to the establishment and work online; no more rush hour traffic and you choose when you start work. Becoming a digital nomad brings with it an unprecedented level of freedom; you could spend the winter in Bali, or better still, relocate to sunny Thailand. Whether you run an e-store or have a popular YouTube channel, you can basically live where you please.
  • Same sex partnerships – Gay people have come out of the closet and people discuss topics such as bondage and masturbation over their coffee (or beer). Of course, a person should never be judged by their sexual preferences, as long as we do no harm to others and we leave minors alone. Some people try out same sex relationships in a purely platonic way; two guys live together, they both have girlfriends, yet they get on great together – there doesn’t have to be a sexual angle to every relationship. It’s like having a flatmate who is also your best friend and, in many ways, your partner. Boy-girl friendships (with benefits) are also popular; engaging in sexual activity without the emotional attachment, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Motorhome living – While this has always been big in the US, living on the road is beginning to push its way into our society in Australia; a retired couple might not buy a pool villa in Brisbane, preferring to invest in a luxury motorhome and see the country. You only have to look at the many YouTube channels of families that are on the road all the time and with the current level of tech, you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in your motorhome with all the options. Think of it more as a state-of-the-art home on wheels, rather than a caravan; we are talking top drawer motorhomes like the Winnebago, which can be built to your specs.

As we move into the next dimension of digital tech, you can expect to see more people turning to online commerce and alternative lifestyles are emerging, as people look for a bit of excitement in their lives.

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