A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Dog Doors


If you have a cute and furry pet in your home – a dog or cat, you will know how quickly their mood changes. It’s more so when it’s about staying inside or going out in the yard. If you know the feeling, you are at the right place.

These situations call you to buy a dog door to make a convenient pathway for the pet’s movement. How should one buy an effective dog door, and what are the essential aspects to consider while taking a balanced buying decision.

You will know about all the factors to keep in mind while buying that ideal dog door through the following buying guide. Read on.

Type of dog door

There are three main types of dog doors available in the market. They are:

  • Soft plastic dog doors: These dog doors have soft and flexible plastic flaps that help your dog enter inside, or exit the house
  • Hard plastic dog doors: Hard plastic dog doors are built from tough plastic and have sturdier and more rigid doors. The upside is that they are easier to lock.
  • Collar-activated dog doors: These are more advanced dog doors that will only allow a pet to enter or exit that has a tag with a chip on their collar


Another important factor when you buy a dog door is the size of the same. The dog door’s height and width should allow your lovely pet to fit through comfortably.

The door measurements will be written down in the description of the product. To be sure about the final fit, you should use a trusted measuring tape to figure out the bodily measurements of your dog.


By no means does the article ask you only to buy big and overpriced brands, but one should go for trusted brands that provide top-quality services and have excellent customer service.

These brands ensure that the final product is built with the best material and precision. On top of that, the company deals with any damages or issues in the product well.


A significant factor that makes or breaks your decision to buy a specific dog door is the product specifications. It would be a great help if you looked into the product’s capabilities and features engineered to fulfil your needs. The specifications of the dog doors shall be compared based on the performance, build, and overall features.

Locking Mechanism

Dog doors can be differentiated according to the locking mechanism. Some of these might not even have any locking mechanism.

For instance, automatic locking is an essential part of the collar-activated dog doors. It makes sure that the lock only opens up when the dog has the right collar.

Dog doors may also have bolted locks that open up once a button is pressed or the switch flicked. These are pretty convenient options for pet parents.

You might also find basic fog doors with a panel that will slide in once locked. This might not be the top option if you regularly lock to unlock the door.


The final but the most crucial factor is the price of the dog door. Your purchase should fit into the budget decided for the same.

That’s a wrap on a comprehensive buying guide for dog doors. Other factors like frame material, design, customer ratings, and more can also be considered on your dog door shopping day. It is also best to know the experience of prior users to gain an overall perspective on buying the dog door.

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