5 Simple Car Maintenance To Do Before Summer Arrives


Even before summer arrives, people already have vacation plans. Most people would want to go out and enjoy the sunshine. But, some things need to be done first before going on a summer road trip. If you don’t wish your car to break down on the road, take car maintenance seriously to keep it in tip-top shape.

Below are among the things you must do before the summer season arrives:

  1. Change your oil & filter

Among the simplest ways to expand the lifespan of your vehicle is to change its oil and filter. A trusted used car Utah provider recommends to change its oil 3,000 miles or within 3 months after the last oil change to keep it running smoothly. It also helps minimize wear and tear.Although changing a car’s engine oil is simple, some car owners neglect this routine maintenance. As a result, the car develops problems like particle buildup. It could damage the critical parts of a car’s engine. It is also important to regularly change your car’s oil filter as it removes any contaminants in the engine oil.

  1. Inspect the tires

The extreme weather conditions experienced by your car might leave some damage to your tires. So, make sure to check the pressure of your tires before hitting the road this summer. Observe your tires for any sign of overinflation or underinflation. The recommended pressure for most passenger car tires is 30 to 35 pounds per square inch (PSI). You can also check the owner’s manual of your vehicle to know the suitable tire pressure range recommended.

  1. Fix any leaks

Another maintenance job you should do to your car before the summer arrives is to fix any leaks. Look below your vehicle to spot signs of a leak, such as antifreeze or puddles of oil. Make sure to fix anything you’ll find as soon as possible. Otherwise, a small leak could become a huge, costly problem.

  1. Apply UV protective wax

Summer is the hottest, and it’s the season when UV rays are the most intense. When you leave your car unprotected, the UV rays can lead to the early deterioration of your car paint. It can also increase the temperature inside your car. You can avoid these things by applying UV protective wax to your car’s surface. Many new car cleaning solutions have UV-resistant properties, particularly those used in car washes. For maximum effect, use a UV wax at least every four weeks.

  1. Test the air conditioner

You want a working air conditioner system inside your vehicle during a scorching day. If you don’t want to be on an uncomfortable ride while on your way to your vacation, check the car’s AC before it’s too late. Check it before summer arrives, so there’s still time for repair or replacement.


You have to prepare your car before hitting the road this summer season. Otherwise, your car breaking down in the middle of a scorching road might ruin your summer getaway. The tips we mentioned in this post are only some of the few car maintenance you should do. Make sure to check everything so your car will be in good condition for the upcoming sunny drives.

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