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Winterland Ticket Prices, Timings, and Activities in Karachi Pakistan


Karachi is on the Arabian coast, and as a result, the city’s climate is mild, with no previous snowfall, but in January this year, Karachi residents experienced snow and experienced temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius in winter.

Karachi and its residents are experiencing unprecedented snowfall across the city, with Karachi often moving north to Pakistan with snow and ice.

But this winter, there is an indoor ski park called the Winter House, where residents can experience snow and ice drops.

Winterland opened its doors to the public today, January 4, and will stay in the city center for another day.

The snow park is the first of its kind in Pakistan, giving tourists the opportunity to enjoy deep snow at temperatures up to -10 degrees Celsius.

The winter theme is suitable for people of all ages and people can enjoy discrimination.

In addition, the snow-covered park is housed in the historic and breathtaking Pakistan Air Force Museum around Shahr-e-Faisal, which has access to the entire city and is easily accessible from all over Karachi.


According to Winter Public Administration, it is a non-stop destination for snow entertainment, food, activities and fantasies.

Get rid of these flying saucers and get ready for your immersion in a year-round climate-controlled climate with 100% real snow and cool activity !.

From ice to ice billiards, to complex wall paintings and sculpture, we are reinventing indoor games with something for all ages.

We pride ourselves on providing a very important safety warning, and our team are knowledgeable and committed to having a fun and safe time in your closet.


Here is a list of the main attractions you can enjoy in Winterland.

   Ice play area
   Live snow
   Skating ice
   Ice sculptures
   Happy snow
   Air ice balls
   Safety limits

The fun experience is not limited to snow and ice weather, but also includes a number of other activities.

Snow is the mainstay of this theme park, and most winter visitors experience snow for the first time in their lives.

Ticket prices and time

Winterland is open 7 days a week, allowing visitors to access all winter activities after purchasing tickets, with each ticket having a 60-minute freeze.

The first indoor snow park in Karachi will open its doors to the public today, January 4th.

Hours: Monday to Sunday from 2:00 to 10:00 p.m.

The ice-cold sensor will begin the first meeting at 3:00 p.m., and the last meeting will end at 11:00 p.m. Each meeting is within an hour.

Winterland Location: Museum of the Pakistan Air Force, near the 4th Gate of Shahr Faisal, Karachi Faisal Kant.