UI and UX Work Together

How UI and UX Work Together in Web Design?


The world is molding with every passing day, and it is resulting in modifications and updates in every field of life. This system has grown even more during last year’s coronavirus pandemic.

The world is shifting to online systems and a website serves as a virtual representation of a company. When it comes to the basis of a website, its whole functioning lies in web design. It is wrongly considered that web design is only the visuals of the website. This is why every organization yearns to hire the best & the most professional web design Company New York for their website project.

It is safe to say that the web design tells everything about the performance and way of working of the respective website. However, misconceptions about it never end there as people still believe that UI and UX are the same names that interchange with each other while discussing web design. But in reality, UI is the designing of those elements that are required by your customers to interact with your products or service.

On the other hand, UX is the outcome of the customer’s interaction with your specific product or service. Despite some huge differences between them, both UI and UX work together in any web design company.

The way in which these two work together in any web design is as follows.

Discussion and Research

The very first point in constructing a new Product or character, a brief team discussion with the Company’s CTO and the team of web development is compulsory. The web development team contains both UI and UX designers, UX designers help to analyze the possibilities about the under discussion product. At the same time, the UI designers are done with research about the users liking and disliking based on their expertise and share it with the team. The purpose of this discussion is to prevent waste of time in the future, this session provides an overview of the basic requirements of that project like resources and work scope.

After the initial Introduction, the UI and UX designers hold tight on the research about the work scope that is the demand of the project. Implementation of the project in the next few weeks is discussed with the team by UX designers, while UI designers go deep into research to get familiar with the users’ demands, problems, needs, and dealings. 

Demonstration of Discoveries.

After completion of individual research, the ideas of UI and UX designers combine with primary expectations of the industry to build a tangible idea. Insights about consumers’, requirements and desires are delivered to the other team members by UI designers, and stepping stones are also discussed with them so they can well prepare for it. Keeping in touch with the input of all the individual MVPs can be constructed. In this regard, the role of web developers is of vital importance as they give instructions to implement the plan practically.

Derivations, Adjustment, and Testing 

After finalizing the plan everyone comes in motion and practical work begins but it’s not the completion or near the completion at all, the whole process is a sort of learning. Based on views from the whole team adjustments and changes are made in the design to build a better product. Before the inauguration of the final product, several templates and adjustments are made according to requirements and then UX designers build a module without the collaboration of UI and web designers that can work to test the capacity of the product.

Finally, something interesting came up after all the hectic and boring work. Initially, the product is provided to a few users only to check the ability and experience of users with that product. To check the consumer’s reaction towards the final output a no of trials is set up by Inventors.

Finalizing and Implementation

Once all the testing has been done, the UI inventory handed over the final design according to all the requirements to the web developers team, the software used for designing must be accessible to the UX and web developers. A large number of tools can be used for a fine handover.

After finalizing the design web developers start implementing it practically but don’t take it as an end of that process, UI and UX designers need to be in touch with the developing team to avoid any mishaps and waste of time.

In short UI and UX designers are tied up for a lifetime and a company can’t work without them. So, if you are planning to have a website for your company, make sure to focus on these aspects. And for this, you can rely on the best services of Map-it Incone of the most reputable web design agencies in the city.

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