Tips to identify the Best e-Liquids for Your Needs


It is no longer news that vaping seems more excellent and acceptable than other nicotine delivery methods. As a result, many have resorted to vaping to calm their nicotine craving and soothe their needs.

Vaping is a multibillion-dollar industry that is growing every day. The principal constituent of vaping is vape juice which comes in many types, Flavors, and sizes. Vape juice determines the overall experience one gets with vaping. It affects your satisfaction with throat hits, clouds of vapor, and your enjoyment of the overall taste of vaping. As a result, one needs to know what to look for in selecting a befitting vape juice.

However, selecting the most befitting vape juice is not a walk in the park. When considering the various constituents that make up an e-juice, one needs to be smart with the selection. Hence, this article will shed light on multiple things that will guide your choice of the best e-liquid for your needs.

Shortlist the Flavors

You cannot know the ideal flavor that will get you going without trying them. There are various Flavors available on the market. Whatever you can think of is available as a flavor and complex mixture. 

Think about the flavor you like and select vape juice with a similar profile. A fan of berry, for instance, can try strawberry, dragon berry, blueberry, etc. 

Ensure you attempt various Flavors to override the vaper’s tongue. This is a condition when you lose sensitivity to a particular flavour due to excessive use of such flavour. Since your taste bud has already gotten accustomed to it, it feels tiring and boring. As a result, try and experiment with various Flavors so you can get something that keeps you going. 

Experimenting by mixing two Flavors to create something that matches is possible. You can know about most trusted synthetic nicotine suppliers to add versatile Flavors to your experience. Also you should Tobacco free Nicotine pouches, that are less harmful in comparison to other.

Throat Hit Capacity and Vapor Cloud

People formerly hooked on various nicotine delivery devices might prefer a solid throat hit. It helps replicate the feeling they were once used to. As a result, the throat hit is a vital factor hinged on vape juice. It enhances the feel of vaping and gives a bold and rich flavour. 

In the vape juice, propylene Glycol gives a good throat hit. As a result, you vape juice should contain a higher PG ratio if you want this. Ideally, go for something higher than 50% if you want an intense throat hit experience. 

Vapers who love to watch vast clouds of vapor rise in the sky as they vape can consider vape juice with higher vegetable glycerine content. The higher the VG content, the richer and bigger the flavour cloud.

In your choice of vape juice, something with higher VG will make the entire vaping experience fun. The high density of the chemical can also delay coil absorption, which makes it bad for some vape devices. 

Compare VG and PG

Every vape juice contains both vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol in varying constituents. While PG gives a weaker vapor, it produces more flavour. On the other hand, VG is pretty vicious with a sweet taste. As a result, it can neutralize the flavour even though it compensates for this in vapor clouds.   

Due to the distinct differences between these constituents, vape juice comes in various proportions of VG, PG, or a mixture of both in a different ratio. 

Some people could be allergic to PG. If you discover that you are itching, having difficulty breathing due to vape juice with pure PG, consider switching to a VG blend or something with a higher VG ratio.

How do you want Nicotine?

After settling with your flavour, the nicotine strength you want also matters. Like the PG and VG, nicotine comes in various strengths:

  • Low strength, which is 6mg and below – for a light user who uses less than half a pack per day
  • Medium: around 9mg to 16mg – average users who use up to a half pack a day
  • High strength: 18 mg to 36 mg for heavy users

You need to get the right nicotine strength. If it is too little, you will likely vape excessively, trying to compensate for the deficiency, while too much can trigger a headache. 

Be Smart with Price

A vape device is an investment since you buy the device once, while vape juice is the only recurring expense. Hence, many people might want to make up for the high device price by going for low-quality e-juice. This, however, will affect your vaping experience negatively.

You are only better off with quality vape juice which will not be cheap. The presence of premium ingredients makes them slightly higher priced. 

Similarly, you should not have to pay through your nose for the best e-liquids. Brands spring up daily, and you will find much high-quality juice at affordable prices. With this, research well, understand the price implication before settling for a juice.


Your vape juice choice will affect your vaping experience in many ways. As a result, one needs to select the ideal vape juice to meet one’s needs. This article has explored several factors that can guide you towards choosing a befitting vape juice that you will like. 

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