Tips for Decluttering Your Office 

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“Get rid of clutter and you may just find it was blocking the door you’ve been looking for” –

Katrina Mayer

Clutter can make us feel chaotic, unproductive, and ultimately, stressed. The physical items that are in our way manifest in our minds and can make it difficult to think clearly or have new ideas. Clutter can also become distracting and a tool for procrastination. So, investing some time to declutter your office can not only help you work efficiently, but can also help your mental and physical health. Put the time in now, to save time later. Read on for effective tips for decluttering your office. 

Start from Scratch

The best way to give your office a good clean is to empty it. This can feel like quite a daunting task, but it’ll make the entire process easier. Start by removing everything from your office. Starting from scratch allows you to carefully consider what you bring back into your nice clean office. Leave the junk at the door and only bring in what you know you want or need. You’re sure to be surprised at how much extra clutter you find lurking that you didn’t even know was there. Once everything is out of your office, you can carefully access each item individually. Be ruthless about what you let into your workspace. Everything that is no longer serving you can be recycled, donated, or given away

Give Everything a Place 

Now, if you’ve completed step one, you should be left with a clean empty office, and a pile of belongings that you want to keep. The next step is to find an efficient home for the items you want to keep. Utilize draws, shelves, and organizers. When finding a home for all your items, try to consider how much you use them and how easily you need to be able to access them.

Try to avoid putting anything except your PC on your desk. It’ll keep your office looking clean, clutter-free, and most importantly, will create a calm and productive place to work.

Invest in Less

While getting rid of items that no longer serve you, don’t be afraid to invest in items that are going to make your office a nicer place to be. This includes decorative items or items that will help you organize your things. Simply ensure anything you buy deserves a place in your life. To keep your desk clean and minimal, check out Lenovo Mini PCs. They offer incredibly powerful but ultra-compact desktops.  

Stay on Top

Once you’ve created a clean, minimal, clutter-free space where you can be productive, you need to keep it that way. Keeping your space clutter free is easily done if you stay on top of it. 

Simply allocate five minutes every day before or after work to have a little clean-up. Put items back in their designated spots, wipe your desk with anti-bacterial wipes, and remove any trash or clutter that has accumulated. It’s much easier to stay on top of this than to have to resolve the issue when clutter has built up again. 

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