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By Hannah O. 59 from Omaha, NE.

For years I struggled to get back to my pre-baby figure…and along the way I tried everything.

First I tried working out. Even though I’ve always had a crazy schedule, I woke up at 5 am every weekday morning just to make it to my classes.

I tried spin classes, yoga, boot camps, pilates, and even cross style training (which was intense!) and guess what happened?

I was EXHAUSTED all day long…and I barely saw any difference in the mirror. 

So next I focused on my diet…which turned out to be CRAZY expensive! (By the way, I can’t even imagine trying to shop like that right now with inflation being so bad…)

Between eating whole, organic foods only and having to track down all these odd ingredients…my grocery bill practically doubled!

Oh, and the food tasted terrible, which only made my kids and husband upset with me too.

I was at my wit’s end…when randomly I got a call from my cousin that wound up changing my life.

Even though she’s my cousin, Emily and I are practically twins. We’re almost the same age and spent a ton of time together growing up. 

Plus we look similar and have similar bodies, so we’ve always bonded over our issues with staying in shape.

So when she called me and said, “I just put on my jeans from HIGH SCHOOL” I was immediately intrigued!

“Girl, WHAT? How is that even possible?”

“I just recently started using this ‘Himalayan Ice Method’ I found online. I’ll send you the link to the video right now. I just had to tell you because this is the one thing that finally worked for me!”

So I watched this video she sent me…and quite honestly, it blew my mind.

For once, I finally had a clear picture of how unwanted weight gain ACTUALLY works. 

And no, it turns out it has NOTHING to do with diet, activity level, or even genetics.

Which is exactly what makes this “Himalayan Ice Method” so powerful. It targets the root cause of unwanted bloating instead of the symptoms…in only 30 seconds a day.

Translation? The flab just melts right off without making ANY other changes!

If enough people use this method and take back control of their health…then a lot of so-called “experts” will be out of business…

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