Stephen Curry Is The Greatest Point Guard Of All Time


The 2022 NBA Finals just wrapped up and the Golden State Warriors just won their fourth title in the last eight years. Golden State was a popular selection for those making expert picks on the NBA, and the Warriors were able to get the job done yet again. 

While much of the discussion over the past decade has been about the greatness of LeBron James, Golden State has simply just continued to win games. The Warriors were actually the worst team in the NBA just two seasons ago and were able to get back on top yet again. 

While it has been a complete team effort for the Warriors during this period of dominance it has been Stephen Curry that has been the engine behind the run. Curry finally won his first NBA Finals MVP Award during the 2022 season, crossing off the one item that was missing. 

Even before the run in the 2022 NBA Finals, Stephen Curry should have been receiving more national attention. LeBron rightly deserves praise as well, but what Curry has done simply can’t be ignored.

After adding another title to his resume, it’s safe to say that Curry is the greatest point guard of all time. This position has had some terrific players throughout history, but none of them have been able to accomplish what Curry has. 

It’s also important to note that Curry is not even close to being done, and he will continue to add to his already impressive resume. 

Curry Changed the Game

The argument for making the case as Curry being the greatest point guard of all time is pretty easy to make. Perhaps no player in NBA history changed the game the way that Curry has, and his imprint is all over the way that basketball is now played.

Even though the three-point shot started to become more popular to begin the 21st century, no one has ever done it the way that Curry has. By the time Curry finally retires he is going to have all or close to all of the NBA three-point records. 

Not only is it easy to call Curry the best shooter of all time, he is also making shots that no one else in the league is even willing to take. Curry is also doing this all from the point guard position, making this all even more impressive. 

Teams continue to throw extra defenders at Curry throughout every single game, but nothing can stop him or slow him down. He has turned moving without the basketball into an art, and no player in the NBA logs as many miles as he does. 

You could argue that Curry doesn’t dish out enough assists to be considered the best point guard of all time, but he’s turned this position into something different entirely. You are going to see the next wave of point guards that come into the NBA playing the same way that Curry has and will continue to do. 

Top Five All-Time

One of the most exciting or interesting things that NBA fans do is put together their list of top five players of all time. Michael Jordan and LeBron are pretty consistently on the list for everyone, but you start to see some arguments after those two players. 

It’s time to start putting Curry on that list as well since he is the best player at the PG position. If anyone tries to argue for him to not be included on the list then that person better have five terrific players on their list. 

It would be silly to try and compare Curry to Michael Jordan, but it should be a fair argument to compare him to LeBron. These two players have battled it out plenty throughout their careers, and Curry has largely been better in those head-to-head matchups. 

Curry is a player that should actually be more appreciated as time goes on because he will have a career highlight film that will always impress. He’s hit so many ridiculous shots during his career that any basketball fan would have to be impressed.

Next time to you start to think about the best NBA players of all-time, be sure to include Curry in your discussion.

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