Softwares You Must Need To Manage Your Hotel Booking Business

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Hoteliers no longer need to invest thick cash in improving their brand. Although they still need to invest money to grow their business, today’s processes are very automated. Yes, automation is essential to corporate success, and the hotel industry is no exception. The program does everything perfectly in a couple of seconds, whether updating the spreadsheet with information about your hotel or advertising your company.

What is Hotel Management Software?

Hotel management software includes capabilities that help to simplify processes such as online booking, monitoring room availability, and providing feedback. Utilizing the power of technology to improve one’s hotel’s brand reputation is something that any successful hotel can do.

Regarding streamlining administrative work at their resort and increasing the number of reservations, hotel owners and managers need this solution. In addition to assisting in the administration of day-to-day operations, free and open source hotel management software and the paid versions of these programs contribute to delivering an exceptional experience for the hotel’s guests.

Top Free Softwares To Manage Your Hotel Booking Business

#1. HotelDruid

HotelDruid is an effective solution for establishments of all sizes, from little beds and breakfasts to massive hotel networks. It is a free online task manager hosted in the cloud and can be used from a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. HotelDruid is a program that is easy to use and supports many languages. It is pre-installed with English, Spanish, and Italian, and the language module makes it possible to add any other languages at any time.

#2. KWHotel

The free edition of the KWHotel hotel management software is offered in three different modes: the KWHotel Desktop, the KWHotel Web, and the KWHotel Mobile. KWHotel Free is designed to be used on a single workstation and is compatible with Windows computers. To get the most out of it, focus on managing smaller assets like surfboard and boat rentals. You always have the option to pick from their premium versions if you want to improve the product’s functionality, which you can do if you want to.


NOBEDS is a free hotel property management software compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. It’s also available online for convenience. The system is hosted in the cloud and gives users the ability to oversee hotel operations via a variety of different devices. You can also use it through the web browser rather than downloading the application.

#5. eZee FrontDesk

The eZee FrontDesk hotel PMS is the appropriate option for managing routine procedures inside your organization’s infrastructure. You will have no trouble meeting your operational needs using this software. You will also be able to serve a more significant number of visitors while maintaining a better efficiency level. eZee FrontDesk is responsible for managing more than 220 thousand rooms in 160 different countries, as stated by the firm.

#6. RoomKeyPMS

RoomKeyPMS is a free hotel booking tool that you can quickly include on your website. You can rapidly alter reservations and manage bookings with this program. This program is mobile-friendly, and the free hotel management app makes it easy to access its features anywhere. Additionally, a Google Analytics connection is possible with this free and open-source hotel management system, which is also TripConnect accredited. 

#7. Qlo

Qlo is a hotel reservation and booking software that handles online and offline bookings. Additional helpful features include payment processing, room allocations, and more. Other handy features include room allocations. You will be able to lessen your reliance on human labour and improve the efficiency of administrative duties at your hotel if you use our free and open-source hotel management system.

 Benefits Of Hotel Management Software

Boost your internet presence

The success of your online presence hinges on your ability to choose the appropriate software. Hotel booking engines, chatbots, and a guest portal are all examples of customer-facing features that might be included in your site’s design to help you quickly accept online bookings and inspire trust in your site’s users so they can make reservations without any middlemen.

Control distribution-related tasks

A channel manager is a crucial component of any cutting-edge hospitality cloud since it facilitates the spread of your brand over several channels (such as OTAs and supplemental reservation systems). It provides up-to-the-minute stats that can be used to improve advertising and bring in more business.

Boost reservations

Every part of your hotel management system should raise your total reservations. Whether your objective is to enter a new market or boost bookings in the off-season, the best software solution will allow you to achieve as much as possible with little effort. Revenue management and a direct booking engine are two of the essential tools in this regard, but you can also benefit from connections, sophisticated reporting, and automation.

Daily reliable reports

Using data analytics, hotel management software can provide accurate daily profit statistics for the revenue, finance, and management teams. With reports on operations and marketing, you and your team can make informed, data-driven decisions across the board. If everything is stored in the cloud, tedious manual exporting and assembly are unnecessary since these invaluable measures are always at your fingertips.


Of course, the premium edition has more features. However, free and open-source hotel management software might come to your rescue if you are short on funds. Free and open-source hotel management software offers a wide range of features and advantages that can help any hotel company grow. If you are interested in Developing cutting edge software, You can go with the Software development company in Dubai.

We hope that our top 7 list will be helpful to you now that you have decided to invest in hotel management software. Please let us know in the comments below if we overlooked a well-liked and valuable free hotel management software. 

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