Are interior plants good for health and mind? Positive effects of plants and greenery in an interior space.

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Plants have been a part of interior spaces since ancient times. People believe that keeping plants in your home or surrounding spaces can positively affect your mental and physical health. According to a study, it has been claimed that plants can help reduce stress responses.

In today’s times, people use plants to decorate their homes and offices. They buy planters of different designs and styles and add plants to them. It adds some color and vibrance to the whole space and makes it look alive. However, besides the decorative element, there are many other benefits of putting plants in your interior space. The following points are some of the major benefits:

It has positive effects on physical health

Plants are those living organisms that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making them a natural air purifier for your home. It detoxifies the room from all the harmful compounds like smoke, fumes, and foul odor that may enter your space with the air. According to studies, plants can remove up to 90% of the toxic compounds present in the air. Some other significant health benefits of plants are preventing breathing issues, skin conditions, and many other health concerns. If you want, you can also find some specific plants known for their air purification properties.

It is soothing

Human beings observe everything based on their sensory experiences. How an object appears, feels like, smells, etc. Plants are great for indoor spaces because they are soothing for the eyes. The color, appearance, and essence make it a calming experience for those living around them. If a house doesn’t have plants inside, it can make the interiors appear dull and lifeless. Plants add the touch of nature to a space making it appear lively and active. Hence, it is soothing for your senses and good for your mental health.

It makes you productive

If you add plants to your workspace or office, it can help reduce stress and anxiety. Moreover, it also improves your productivity at work. Some studies also concluded that it could enhance focus and increase attention span by 15%. So, if you want to improve your work efficiency and productivity, find an excellent online store, buy some planters for your workspace, and put your favorite plants in them.

It moistens the air you breathe

It releases the water as vapors when you water your plants, moistening the air. This moisture helps in reducing skin dryness and throat dryness and prevents some health issues like dry sinus, allergies, bleeding nose, etc. These issues can happen because of the dryness in the air. Hence you must add many plants to your space so that your whole space can breathe freely.

It helps you grow

Adding some plants and greenery to your space is a great way to heal emotionally, physically, and mentally. Looking at a plant grow from the root makes a person feel positive, growth-oriented, and happy. For example, if a person is going through a rough patch in his life and doesn’t feel motivated to get better, you must surround him with plants. It will uplift him and motivate him to get out of the darkness.

If you want to add plants to make your house look beautiful or change the vibe of your space, then you can find many beautiful and elegant planters, vases, and pots online and put different plants in them. Many designers and manufacturers supply such planters online.

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