Is There Any Meaning Behind Your Name And Birthday?


No, the simple, straightforward, and logical answer is NO. There is no reality in numerology, horoscope, etc. If it would be true, the system of the universe would be collapsed. But if you are still interested in knowing what numerology theories say and what numerologists believe, you can continue reading although they are false claims.

Wikipedia defines Numerology as the pseudoscientific belief in the divine relationship between coinciding events and numbers. It is also used to find the numerical value of the names, letters in words, and ideas. Simply, studying the symbolism in numbers in numerology.

Numerologists use it used to determine a person’s strengths, personality, talents, inner needs, obstacles, emotional behaviors, and how one deals with others.

Numerologists believe the name and the birthday of a person also have special meanings that they used to understand with their numerology knowledge. Even there are websites that have devised calculators using numerological formulas to calculate your numerology numbers.

Several hypotheses are there to tell the origin of the numerology. Some point it back to Chines and Hindu civilizations while others relate it to Egyptian civilizations.

Numerology says everything has its own vibration frequency and if these frequencies can be found, the associated qualities could also be determined. Using numerology principles, personal frequencies can be found using name and date of birth as the base data.

Pythagoras developed a numerology method and he believed that the universe is explained and governed by numbers. He assigned the numbers to each alphabetic letter. The table is given below:

The number 11 and 12 are considered master numbers while all others are single-digit numbers 1 through 9. They are reduced using simply adding them for example 45 will be reduced to 9 as 4 plus 5 is nine. And if the number after addition is 2 digit, then it will also be reduced using addition.

Interpretation of Numbers in Numerology:

Number 1
Determined, Individualistic, Bold, , Active, Self-confident, Athletic, Independent, Pioneering

Number 2
Adaptive, Cooperative, Passive, Peaceful, Warm, Sensitive, Diplomatic,

Number 3
Artistic, Expressive, Imaginative, Jovial, Positive, Sociable

Number 4
Self-disciplined, Logical, Reliable, Organized, Traditional, Practical, Helpful, Steady,

Number 5
Adventurous, Curious, Magnetic, Energetic, Visionary,

Number 6
Protective, Responsible, Compassionate, Loving, Balanced

Number 7
Mysterious, Intelligent, Reserved, Intuitive, Spiritual, Analytical, Knowledgeable

Number 8
Ambitious, Realistic, Successful, Authoritative, Courageous, Powerful, Leading

Number 9
Self-sacrificing, Humanitarian, Idealistic, Altruist, Giving, Romantic Devoted

Number 11
Inspiring, Charismatic, Six-sensed, Dreamy, Discerning

Number 22
Successful, Leader, Genius, Visionary, Innovative

Core Numbers:

  • Life Path number
  • Expression number
  • Heart’s Desire number
  • Personality number
  • Hereditary number
  • Growth number

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