Moon Magic of Moonstone Jewelry: The Trendiest Gemstone Jewelry Collection

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Moonmagic jewelry has always attracted its admirers for various reasons. The gem is famous for its glowing sheen that looks like moonlight. For a long time now, the gemstone has been used in jewelry for aesthetic and metaphysical benefits. The trendy gem has always been on the wish list of fashion lovers and is said to possess so many healing properties. Gemstone jewelry is always in demand, but you must choose the right kind of jewelry to go with your collection. This blog will talk about reasons to have this jewelry in your priced collection and what you should be looking for while buying it.

The gemstone belongs to the orthoclase feldspar group. Because of the arrangement of the minerals in the crystal, adularescence takes place that causes a soft glow. The sheen looks as if moonlight is on the surface of a water body. The layers of the minerals in the crystal diffuse the light that falls on them, and hence the optical phenomena of adularescence takes place. There are two varieties in this gemstone:

Adularia can come in shades of silvery-white or light gray. This variety has a blue shimmer and can be found in Sri Lanka, India, Burma, and Madagascar. The second variety is called Albite. This one is semi-transparent and has excellent iridescence. The texture of this stone might be a little dull, and it can be found in Canada.

What Makes Moonstone a Must-Have?

The gemstone has moon magic. Been associated with the moon, the crystal is so helpful for women. It helps them during pregnancy, childbirth and also eases the pain during menstrual cycles. The gemstone is a spiritual healer as well. It enables the wearer to experience positivity in life. Being a soothing stone, it is known for its qualities of giving calmness and composure to whosoever wears it. It also helps in having self-confidence.

The Gemstone in Different Kinds of Jewelry

Moonstone rings are pretty popular as they are unique and look chic. The gemstone is said to instill passion and desire in the wearer. This is the reason why Moonstone ring are also given as a gift to a loved one.

The layered Moonstone necklaces are a must-have for the fall. Moonstone pendants look fantastic with the turtle-neck sweaters. The rich beauty of Moonstone is apt for delicate jewelry.

Moonstone bracelets are boho and a must-have for a hippie look. Rough cut stones add that extra-needed effect to the statement look.

Small-size Moonstone earrings go well with evening gowns and dresses. The wardrobe is always incomplete without the perfect ethereal beauty of Moonstone earrings.

What to Look For While Buying One?

When buying Moonstone jewelry, always keep in mind that the inclusions should not interfere with the adularescence of the stone. Of course, the gemstone is bound to have tiny cracks of fracture, but that should not come in the way of its shining. The gem can be worn every day but try to have a protective setting for the crystal in the jewelry. Charging the stone once in a while will be beneficial to make most of its magical healing properties. You can charge it by keeping it under the moonlight for a whole night.

Where To Go For Authentic Gem Accessories?

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