Is bitcoin mining still profitable?


The value recovery of bitcoin over the past year has astonished everyone. Surprisingly not everyone who has invested in bitcoin is familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency mining. And people who know what bitcoin mining is, have made a hell of a lot of money with this business. The profitability of this business right now is a bit uncertain and questionable, but earlier, the profitability of the mining business was skyrocketing.

People prefer mining as a robust business as you don’t need any special training to perform cryptocurrency mining, and the entire job depends upon the potential of the mining machine. Check the complete introduction to the bitcoin wallet to get a comprehensive guide to cryptocurrency trading.   In short, spending a large amount of money on cryptocurrency mining can offer you tons of profit. Below listed are some facts regarding the profitability of cryptocurrency mining?

Key takeaways!

  • One can mine the BTC using hardware and special mining machines having specifically compatible cryptocurrency hardware.
  • Bitcoins are incentives that a miner gets for validating cryptographic puzzles present in a block.
  • With the number of cryptocurrency miners increasing, the extent of complications in this process increases


  • To verify the profitability of cryptocurrency mining in your region, you should analyze the external cost of buying mining hardware alongside the price of electricity. So it is because electricity and the cost of mining hardware characterize the profitability of cryptocurrency mining by an exceeding extent.

The various apparatuses of cryptocurrency mining!

Before the arrival of customized mining hardware in 2013, the probability of this business was very high with general computers. But subsequent the advent of customized cryptocurrency mining rigs named ASICs flipped the entire mining game.

Application-specific integrated circuits, abbreviated as ASICs, are the leading customized mining machines with particular hardware. The specially customized mining hardware has made a unique contribution to the mining industry and has deprived the profitability of cryptocurrency mining with personal computers.

The computing power of ASICs is 100 billion times more than an ordinary computer. People say that you can also initiate cryptocurrency mining with regular computers, but they don’t mention anything about the revenue of this business alongside its profitability.

The mechanism of cryptocurrency mining is also more challenging nowadays. With bitcoin becoming more famous, everyone is getting familiar with cryptocurrency mining profitability, and the competition is at its peak.

How have ASICs changed the productivity of cryptocurrency formation?

The profitability of cryptocurrency mining before the arrival of ASIC miners was exceedingly high. Experts say earlier the cryptocurrency miner was not forced to invest a large sum of money to buy mining machines as they could mine their virtual coins on a typical home computer.

The block reward of cryptocurrency mining or bitcoin mining was also very high early. But with bitcoin becoming readily available, the demand for bitcoin was more petite, which deprived the market value of bitcoin.

But after the foremost block reward halving came into action, the demand for bitcoin skyrocketed, and it also changed the dynamics of bitcoin mining. With each bitcoin halving, the marginal cost of production fluctuates, and the cost of production also affects the market value of bitcoin. Due to such reasons, the value of cryptocurrencies moves very quickly. In short, the profitability of cryptocurrency mining has changed a lot after the arrival of ASICs.


The difficulty rate of cryptocurrency mining varies each week exponentially. The difficulty rate is only variable to stabilize the rate of production. The difficulty rate in cryptocurrency mining demonstrates the challenges for a solo miner while decoding cryptographic puzzles. If you want to evaluate your worth you need to know about the Bitcoin calculator.

In short, the more incredible difficulty means, a solo miner will face more and more challenges while solving the cryptographic math puzzle. The difficulty of cryptocurrency mining has surpassed all-time highs in the last year. By the end of 2021, the difficulty rate of bitcoin mining was floating near 23 trillion.


Halving seems to affect the profitability of cryptocurrency mining dramatically. But experts have not found anything so far that halving impacts the profitability of cryptocurrency mining. Halving has acquired the attention of mainstream investors as, subsequently, each halving, the market value of bitcoin has dramatically increased.

These are some factors influencing the productivity of digital currency mining.

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