Important Things To Know About Lip Procedures

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Surgical lip procedures have become increasingly popular thanks to their guarantee to give you plump, voluminous lips. These procedures are harmless and take every patient’s allergies, medical conditions, and demands into account. So if you want a cosmetic surgeon to work wonders on your lips, there are a few things to know prior. 

Lip procedures form a crucial part of the cosmetic facial rejuvenation process. They are safe, highly effective, and most importantly, reversible! There are many things to learn about lip procedures, so here are some important ones to remember before finalizing with your cosmetic surgeon. 

1. Your Medication Intake Decides the Healing Process

You must prepare your body to accept the lip filler and other procedures at least a week in advance to ensure a hassle-free process. 

One week before your appointment, stop taking Ibuprofen (Advil,) Aspirin, and Vitamin E medications. It is also essential to avoid Omega 3 oil supplements from your regular intake. These can thin your blood and lead to higher risks of swelling, infections, and bruises after the injectable procedure.

If you consume alcohol almost regularly, this is the time to stop. It is also a blood thinner and enlarges the blood vessels leading to brushes and swelling. Drinks like green tea are also best avoided as they can dehydrate you, thus slowing down your post-procedure healing process.

Of course, there are some exclusions to this list. For example, taking Arnica Montana a few days before the procedure can help alleviate bruising and heal inflammation and cuts. Fresh fruits such as pineapple also help with preparing and post-procedure healing. Its enzyme content is excellent for preventing swells and bruises and healing them. 

Of course, ask your doctor about these intakes beforehand to avoid any side effects post-filler.

2. Lip Fillers are Not Just to Beautify Lips

While women love to get their lips done for a fresher, more rejuvenated look, there are more reasons people opt for lip procedures, such as asymmetric lips. While we often have pretty symmetrical lips beautifying our faces, some might have asymmetric lips. 

There is nothing wrong with asymmetric lips; wanting to correct them is also a natural feeling. Lips are of various sizes and shapes, meaning that asymmetric lips vary among many. Corrective lip procedures come in handy and help create a more satisfactory result for the patient. 

Another reason would be moisturization. Cosmetic lip procedures can help moisturize and soften your lips if you have chronically chapped or dry lips. The hyaluronic acid in lip fillers is a naturally-occurring substance within the human body. It hydrates the skin and attracts water molecules to ensure optimum moisturization.

However, we have reduced hyaluronic acid production as we age, resulting in dry, chapped lips. Chapped lips can feel coarse and painful, especially with it peeling. Hyaluronic acid helps recover your lip’s plumpness and softness, making them feel more natural and healthy. It allows the lips to feel well-hydrated, healed, and smoothing, adding some volume.

So while lip procedures are excellent in combating thinned lips due to aging and other habits, they are also effective against other factors that call for lip correction.

3. Timely Touch-Ups Help Lip Fillers Last Longer

Lip fillers last as long as six months if you follow your doctor’s advice on proper aftercare. Of course, experts also recommend monthly touch-ups to ensure that you retain your lips’ natural fullness. Since our skin cells are dying and renewing constantly, the layer underneath will require a fresh new treatment.

You might notice minor bruising and swelling over yours for the first few days after the procedure. Proper prescribed medication and aftercare can help with this in no time. And the effects start showing soon after.

Moreover, the volume of injectable used also determines how long your lip fillers’ natural look lasts. If you have agreed on a minimal amount, it will not have a long-lasting effect. It also lasts long for those who maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to ensure the best results. 

Not to forget, age also determines how long lip procedures can last. Lip procedure touch-ups can help with the look lasting longer by re-injecting the specially-formulated fluid to plump up and correct errors on the lips, re-newing the effects. These fillers ensure that you continue to experience the wonders of corrective lip procedures for months and years to come. 

4. Lip Procedures are Painless

Lip procedures take about 30 minutes to a few hours. They are quick and nearly painless. Of course, if you have a low tolerance to pain, you might have a slight reaction initially, but it subsides quickly. These surgical instruments ensure that you do not feel any aches or stinging pain after the experience. 

Surgeons generally apply a topical skin-numbing gel to help divert the pain before starting procedures. It is crucial to discuss your pain tolerance, medical allergies, and other general discomforts with your doctor before agreeing with the process. 

Healing from these injectables requires some time, and you will be advised to take precautions with what you eat, your medications, and your aftercare methods. Side-effects are rare occasions and include:

  • Slight discoloration on the lips
  • Infections
  • Bleeding from the injection area
  • Sore spots

Consult the doctor promptly if you notice these painful effects to ensure quick treatment. 

And to understand how exactly painless the procedure is, here is what it feels like. The numbing cream takes 30 minutes to remove almost 90% of the sensations from your lips. The unique instruments are very fine and ensure that you feel no sting or pain. 

Therefore, no need to worry about lip procedures being a painful experience. 

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