How To Inflate Pool Floats

How To Inflate Pool Floats


Summertime is all about soaking the sunlight in a pool outdoors or on a lake nearby home. It feels satisfying to drench the skin into the warmth of the sun, with a drink or smoothie in hand, in the company of friends and loved ones. 

When the freezing winter passes away, the entire family feels excited because summer is the time for ultimate joy and fun for everyone. Even kids who love outdoor sports activities wait for this season to go for pool parties, boating, and hiking. Although winter is full of fun too due to Holidays and Christmas eve but extreme snowstorms, rainfalls and fog restrict the people in their homes. 

If you have an inflatable pool for a bbq party indoor or outdoor, there will be a time when you would have to learn how to inflate pool floats quickly. For an apparent reason, inflating a pool could be such a challenge, especially for those who have never done it before. 

There are different ways to inflate a pool float; keep reading this article to find the easiest ones.

Electric Pump:

One of the easiest ways to inflate a pool float is by using an electric pump. You can use an air pump for this task. By using the same device, you can blow up the air in inflatable items and accessories in your home that cannot be inflated quickly otherwise with anything else.

Electric pumps make the job of blowing up the air easier than anything else. You can use it to inflate even kiddy inflatable boats and mattress all by yourself without having to get it done from elsewhere.m 

If you intend to use an electric pump, make sure that it works with the pool’s size. If you have a small pool that measures only 12 by 6 inches or larger than this, you can inflate it within a matter of seconds.

For inflating big party barges and pools, you may use the air pump as well. However, it may take some time to fill the air inside them because they are large in size, width, and height. More air would be required to inflate them, so obviously, it would take more time as well. 

You can use any type of air pump; it can be a manual hand pump, a simple mechanical style foot pump or any other style that can inject air into the body of an inflate pool, mattress, or boat.

How to inflate a pool float using an electric pump:

The method of blowing up the air in a pool is comfortable and easy. Most designs of eclectic pumps come with an attachment that is located over the nozzle . There might be different attachments available as well for you to use. Use the appropriate one to make a bridge between the electric pump and the pool.  

The attachment would enable the air to pass from the pump to the body of the pool. Here are a few steps that can help you do it most quickly:

  1. Connect the electric air pump with the energy outlet in your home.
  2. Bring an additional cord if needed. 
  3. Find the appropriate attachment, attach the pump with the pool, connecting it with the valve. The float pool always comes with an opening or inlet valve; it helps users pump the air inside it. 
  4. Now turn the electric pump on so it can pump air. 
  5. First check if the air is filling in the pool.
  6. Make sure that enough air is passing through the chambers of the pool.
  7. Once you are done, close the air inlet of the pool and put a cap on it. 
  8. Ensure that the cap is locked in its place or may cause air leakage from the pool. 

Depending on the inflatable pool’s design, the air may stay inside the chamber for minutes or hours. Some pools are designed to retain the air for a couple of hours to offer countless sun time fun in the swimming pool and beach parties. However, it would be best if you tried to use a better pump when inflating a pool that’s larger than the standard sizes, more of a barge style and design, built for multiple people and advanced features. 

 How to inflate a pool float without a pump?

Although an electric air pump is a much cheaper choice than a compressor, you can inflate a pool easily if you use just one of these tools.

By using an air compressor, you can blow air directly into the air inlet of the pool. However, the challenging part would be finding the right attachment for the compressor. Although your machine may already have one attachment it may not be used properly for pumping the air by creating a bridge between the compressor and the pool. 

If your air inlet is not wide enough, you may have to put a struggle to insert the nozzle attachment into it. Once you believe you have the right compressor attachment, here are the steps that you need to follow for inflating a pool on your own. Here is how to inflate a pool float without a pump.

  • First check the pool for the air inlet valve. 
  • Uncap it and insert the attachment in it.
  • Don’t use pressure or thrust the attachment with force. You don’t want your inflatable pool to be damaged, not especially the inlet part, or else you would never be able to pump the air in. 
  • Connect the air compressor with the air inlet, it will happen as soon as you attach the nozzle part. 
  • Make sure there’s no seal in front of the attachment to stop the air from entering the pool.

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