5 Effective Tips to Increase Blood Platelets

5 Effective Tips to Increase Blood Platelets


Blood cells responsible for promoting blood clotting are known as platelets, and blood clotting helps prevent bleeding. People can easily increase their blood platelets by including several foods in their diet that are packed with several vitamins and minerals. To maintain good health, it is essential to keep a healthy level of platelets in the body, and medical specialists say that when people have a low amount of platelets then they are experiencing a condition known as thrombocytopenia. In addition, the doctor can also recommend an anti hcv test in Karachi because doctors take a look at antibodies in the blood, especially for hepatitis C. If antibodies are good in the blood, it would be easy to increase platelets.

However, doctors advise people with low platelets that they need to increase their platelets immediately by adding nutrition and supplements to their diet. Additionally, low platelets can also cause a number of health problems; that’s why we need to pay more attention to our platelet levels. Low platelets can cause the following symptoms:

● Heaving bleeding during periods
● Nose or gum bleeding
● Bloody urine or stools
● A small injury may cause severe bleeding
● Leaking of blood cells that may cause red spots under the skin

Tips to Increase Blood Platelets

Here are some tips that effectively increase blood platelets

Foods Packed with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is responsible in the body for the proper functioning of the immune system, nerves, bones, etc. According to the PDSA, the function of bone marrow cells also improves if there is a healthy amount of vitamin D in the body because bone marrow cells are responsible for producing platelets along with other blood cells.
The easiest way to get enough vitamin D is to make exposure to the sun for some time on a regular basis. However, due to increased daily activities of life, not everyone has enough time to make exposure to the sun, and people living in cold climates are unable to get vitamin D from the sun. Adults who are aged from nineteen to seventy are required to get fifteen micrograms of vitamin D every single day; according to doctors, people who are above seventy need to consume twenty micrograms of vitamin D daily over a period of time. If you can’t make exposure to the sun then you can the following foods into your diet because they are a good source of vitamin D:

● Yolk of the eggs
● Salmon, tune, etc. because they are oily fish
● Oil made from the liver of the fish
● Fortified yogurt
In addition, for people who are vegetarian and can’t include meat foods in their diet, these are the best
foods for them:
● Supplements of vitamin D
● Cereals, especially fortified
● Fortified orange juice
● Soy milk or yogurt


Folate, also known as vitamin B9, plays an essential in your body in maintaining healthy red blood cells. It is essential to get four-hundred micrograms of vitamin B9 every single day; however, pregnant women need to consume six-hundred micrograms daily, says the National Institute of Health. Animal-based foods or products are packed with folate, and these products include:

● Beef, especially the liver
● Tuna
● Salmon
● Eggs
However, vegetarian people can’t get enough amount of folate from these foods. Therefore, they have to explore the other options:

● Soy or almond milk
● Cereals
● Supplements


The production of healthy red blood cells in the body depends on the amount of iron we get from different sources. A study, that was conducted in 2012, indicates that people with iron-deficiency anemia were experiencing low platelets. Therefore, for maintaining healthy levels of platelets in the body, it is essential to get enough amount of iron. You can get iron from these foods:

● Different types of lentil
● Mussels
● Seeds of the pumpkin
● Beef

Vitamin C

If your immune system is not healthy, the risks of different diseases including low platelets increase significantly. Therefore, to improve the immune system’s function, consuming vitamin C is a must. It does not only increase the ability of the body to increase iron but also corrects the function of the platelets. When your body easily absorbs iron from different foods or drinks, there is a healthy platelet count. To get enough amount of vitamin C, you can consume many fruits and vegetables that are packed with this essential vitamin:

● Strawberries
● Broccoli
● Oranges or lemons
● Green bell peppers
● Kiwifruit

Vitamin B 12

If you want to keep your blood cells healthy, vitamin B12 is a must to consume every day because its deficiency in the body is linked with low platelet counts. You can easily get enough amount of vitamin B12 from foods such as beef liver, eggs, etc. In addition, you can also get this important vitamin from milk and cheese. However, some studies clearly indicate that there is a possibility that cow’s milk can interfere with the production of platelets.

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