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Creative Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles and Make Them Useful


According to recent research, approximately 300 million tons of plastic waste is annually produced by all of us out of which around 60% comprises single time used plastic bottles.

About 80% of the 100 million plastic bottles thrown away every day add to environmental pollution by producing non-biodegradable trash. Contamination of water bodies with plastic products is a life threat to marine life as well as to all the living organisms and humans, by using this polluted water, plastic ingredients enter into our bodies and cause serious damages. To save the environment from the dangerous impact of plastic litter, it’s compulsory to recycle and reuse these plastic bottles. 

We all use a considerable number of such plastic bottles daily. Most people hire junk removal and hauling service Vacaville to get rid of this issue. Some hire the services of garbage men for this purpose. But, the problem still persists. The reason? Not every junk removal company dispose of these bottles properly.

So, instead of throwing them away, let’s convert them into useful and beautiful products and pay your role to save the environment. And you can do this by recycling plastic bottles. Here are some creative ways of doing the same:

Vertical Gardening 

In the era of diverse climates, the best and one solution to all the problems is a vertical garden by utilizing waste plastic bottles in a very short space. Soft drink bottles are more suitable for planting because of their thickness and long-lasting effect as compared to water bottles.

To do vertical gardening, the equipment you need to have are clear and thick empty plastic bottles, strings, fence, rope, plants seeds, loam 

By following instructions, one can easily do vertical gardening and enjoy a healthy environment 

  • Cut the bottles into halves join several lower halves of the bottles via strong and elastic string. 
  • Hang the fence along the wall and set the bottles with it
  • Poured the fertile soil in the bottles and soaked the plants’ seed in it 
  • Make sure the area selected for this purpose have a direct supply of air and sunlight 

Storage Containers 

Are your kitchen buckets and cabinets overloaded or messy? No need to be worried anymore by using the waste plastic bottles and a little creative thinking you can convert the useless bottles to beautiful storage containers which help you not only to deal with the kitchen space shortage issue but also save your money.

For this purpose, you need a number of bottles, a scissor, glue, and some time and just follow the instructions 

  • Take a pair of bottles and cut the upper part according to your desired length.
  • Take one bottom part as a container and use the bottom of another bottle like a cap 
  • You can make it more attractive by painting it and writing over it
  • Take the upper part with a cap and attach a shopping bag to the cutting edges and seal it firmly   with help of some glue. 
  • Another container is ready to use 

Birds feeder 

It’s the best creative idea to recycle plastic bottles and enjoy the beautiful creature closely. 

The only thing you need is plastic bottles, scissors, some spoons of wood, string pieces and of course some feeding grains for birds  

  • Take A large size soda bottle 
  • Clean it and dry it properly 
  • Make 3-4 holes around the bottle to the size through which the spoon handle pass easily 
  • Fix the wooden spoons in all the holes with help of white glue
  • Fill the bottle with birds feeding grains and caped it 
  • Hang it with the help of strong strings to a suitable place where birds can reach it easily.

Zipper and Racks 

Have empty plastic bottles? Not counting them a waste anymore just shows some creativity and transforms the trash into useful items used in routine life. 

  • To make a cute zipper for keeping makeup, or stationary, take two empty bottles, cut the lower parts, and make the edges smooth by using the iron. Now join both lowered parts via zipping with the help of glue. 
  • To resolve the issue of space shortage it’s a great deal to transform plastic trash into racks for keeping magazines, newspapers, and shoes. Let’s take 6-7 empty bottles, cut them both ends to get the central hollow piece. Now select a corner of the wall and attach these hollow pieces to the wall with glue and keep your newspapers, magazines, or shoes safe. The use of spray paint and markers can make these items eye-catching.

A Final Word

Start recycling plastic bottles today and gain multiple benefits. If you believe you are short on time, rely on a junk removal companies, such as 3 Kings Hauling, Checksammy that follows responsible, eco-friendly recycling practices.

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