Can You Wear Faux Leather Leggings in the Summer?


At the end of the day, you can do whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable, confident, and stylish in your faux leather leggings during the summer! But if you ask me, here’s what I will say.

Faux leather is a synthetic plastic material designed to look and feel like real leather. Because of this, faux leather leggings are not breathable. Meaning that you will suffer a lot of discomfort if you wear faux leather leggings in the summer.

Stick around as I delve deeper into this topic!

Reasons Not To Wear Faux Leather Leggings In The Summer

Here are a few reasons wearing faux leather leggings in summer is not a good idea:

1. Faux Leather Is Not Breathable

Since faux leather leggings are made of synthetic plastic material, they do not have the same breathability as real leather.

This means your legs will sweat more and become sticky in the heat. Leather as a material is made up of tiny pores that allow air to pass through, while faux leather does not have these.

This makes faux leather leggings not breathable, making them uncomfortable to wear in warm weather.

2. Faux Leather Leggings Will Make You Sweat During Summer

Since faux leather leggings are not breathable, you will end up sweating more when you wear them in the summer.

This means that your legs will be drenched in sweat, making it uncomfortable and unpleasant to wear these materials.

Not only that, but moisture can cause damage to the fabric and make the material look worn out faster.

3. The Faux Leather Leggings Could Develop A Bad Smell

Because of the sweat build-up, faux leather leggings could develop a bad smell.

This is especially true if you are wearing them in hot and humid conditions, as the sweat will not be able to evaporate properly.

This odor can become difficult to remove and will ruin your whole outfit, making it unappealing.

4. The Surface of The Faux Leather Leggings Will Heat Up

Another problem you will face when wearing faux leather leggings in the summer is that the surface will heat up, making it uncomfortable to touch.

5. The Faux Leather Leggings Can Stretch Out And Lose Shape

Due to the heat, faux leather leggings can stretch out and lose shape. This is because faux leather, as a material, is very sensitive to heat.

This means that the material will not look as good as it did when you first purchased them. The fabric may become loose and baggy, making it unflattering to wear.

How To Wear Faux Leather Leggings In The Summer

Although faux leather leggings are not the most ideal clothing item to wear during summer, there are still ways to make them wearable and even stylish!

Here is a quick guide on how you can pull off wearing faux leather leggings during the summer without making you feel uncomfortable

  • Choose Light Colors

Light shades of faux leather leggings are preferable in summer since they will reflect heat better than darker colors.

Darker-colored faux leather leggings will absorb more heat, making them even more uncomfortable to wear. Choose light colors like beige, cream, or white for a cool and comfy look.

  • Buy Breathable Faux Leather Leggings

A few brands are now selling breathable faux leather leggings, which can help you stay more comfortable when wearing these materials in the summer.

While a lot of manufacturers will claim their leggings are breathable, most claims are not accurate. Make sure to read reviews and check for real customer feedback before buying any faux leather leggings.

  • Look For Faux Leather Leggings With Mesh Panels

Mesh panels can help with breathability and comfort in faux leather leggings. Look for faux leather leggings that have mesh inserts, which will help keep your legs cool in the heat.

  • Choose Thin and Stretchy Material

Faux leather leggings that are made from thin, stretchy material will be more comfortable to wear than thicker ones. Choose lightweight materials that move with your body for maximum comfort.

  • Layer With Breathable Fabrics

Layering with breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen can help you stay cool while wearing faux leather leggings in summer.

You can opt for a lightweight top, tank top, or blouse to keep yourself cool and comfy in the hotter months.

  • Choose A Relaxed Fit

A relaxed fit will ensure that you are more comfortable in your faux leather leggings since there is more room for air to flow.

This will include more room for your legs to breathe and move, making it more comfortable regardless of the temperature.

  • Select The Right Undergarment

Wear the right type of underwear with your faux leather leggings, such as cotton or breathable materials, to help keep you cool.

Final Thoughts

Faux leather is not the most suitable fabric to wear in the summer and can cause discomfort.

However, with the right style tips, you can look stylish while staying cool and comfortable in faux leather leggings during the hotter months!

Be sure to choose lightweight materials, opt for light colors, and layer with breathable fabrics for maximum comfort.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy wearing your faux leather leggings in the summer without any discomfort.

Have fun, and stay cool!


Q: Is faux leather too hot for summer?

A: Faux leather can be very hot, so choosing leggings with a piece of breathable fabric is important.

Look for lightweight designs made from polyurethane or microfiber, which are more breathable than traditional leather.

Additionally, if you’re wearing faux leather in hotter temperatures, opt for light colors like white or tan to help reflect sunlight and keep your legs cool.

Q: Does faux leather crack in the sun?

A: Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause faux leather to crack, so be sure to store your leggings in a cool and dry place – preferably away from direct sunlight.

Q: What’s the best outfit to pair with faux leather leggings?

A: Faux leather leggings have a sleek, edgy look that pairs well with almost any top.

For summer, try pairing them with airy tanks or tees and a light denim jacket for an effortless but stylish look.

If you want to go for a more formal look, try pairing them with a silky blouse and block heels. For an extra pop of color, accessorize with bright jewelry or colorful scarves.

Q: Are faux leather leggings appropriate for the office?

A: Faux leather leggings are surprisingly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

For the office, try pairing them with a blouse or structured top to add a touch of edge to your look.

Finish off the outfit with heels and some simple jewelry for an elegant yet professional ensemble.

Remember that faux leather leggings should never be too tight or revealing, as they should maintain an appropriate level of modesty.

Q: How do I care for faux leather leggings?

A: Faux leather is not very delicate, so it’s typically easy to care for. When washing faux leather leggings, it’s best to spot-clean them by hand.

Be sure to avoid using bleach or fabric softener, which can damage the material. Hang dry faux leather clothing and avoid ironing or steaming, as this will also cause damage.

With proper care and maintenance, faux leather leggings can last for many years.

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