5 Best Practices in Employee Engagement Survey to Follow

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Employee motivation is critical to the success of business any size. This distinguishes successful companies from non-surviving companies. A highly motivated workforce produce high quality products and services that increase customer satisfaction and sales performance.

Conducting the survey online using an online survey tool is a good and efficient idea to measure and analyze employee engagement. Our recommended online survey service here is akiosurvey.com.

Employee Engagement Factors:

  • Intent to stay: The employee will most probably stay in the organization for the next 2 years.
  • Work involvement: Work environment’s capability to tackle effectively with emotions and psyche of the employees.
  • Discretionary effort: The effort that employees can put to the work which is above the level of the minimum workload requirement.
  • Pride in the company: How proud the employees feel in the company
  • Willingness to recommend the company: Likelihood of recommending the company to others.

Employee Engagement Survey Best Practices

  1. Open-ended questions: Include open-ended questions in your survey templates, the question, the question that can not be answered by just “yes” or “no”. Such questions help better explain the feeling or the facts that are not asked in the survey and could potentially remain hidden if the survey does not offer to share their words.
  2. Refine survey: The survey should be refined for clarity. The questions asked should clearly be defined so that no ambiguity is left that can lead to misunderstanding of the question.
  3. Keep Survey as short as possible: Don’t be too lengthy and avoid any unnecessary questions. Take the minimal time of the employees to complete the survey so that they don’t lose their interest in completing the questionnaire.
  4. Use scales or ratings: Ask questions where respondents can choose a number and rate something. It is the easiest way to calculate the performance of a thing.
  5. Brand the survey process: The survey should include a company slogan and logo. Without branding, employees may view the survey as an unrelated and unimportant initiative with limited consequences for the company.
  6. Ensure confidentiality and anonymity of respondents: It is the duty of the HR department to ensure that the survey results will remain confidential so that the employees feel comfortable and confident providing honest responses to the questionnaire.

Creating an Online Survey:

Using akiosurvey, you can create a professional online survey easily within minimal time.

  1. Sign up to akiosurvey.
  2. Create a survey and set up survey properties
  3. Ask questions
  4. Send survey to respondents
  5. Review the responses
  6. Utilize the feedback

For more detailed guide you can visit the official guide to create an online survey.

Wrap Up:

Gathering the employee feedback frequently from employees can improve the engagement of the employees in the operation of an organizations. And taking proper actions keeping in view the survey results will increase the employees’ interest in future surveys.

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