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Best Features to Look for in a Luxury Shower Cap


Luxury shower caps – they are the cherry on top for any woman’s hair accessories. However, it can be challenging to know which shower caps for women are luxe and long-lasting. Thankfully, we have collected a list of features that you will want to look for in your shower cap to know if it truly is luxurious or not.

Top 8 Features of a Luxury Shower Cap

Here is a list of the top ten features you will want in a shower cap:

●     Reusability – Is it a reusable shower cap?

●     Material – Is it made of plastic or performance fabric?

●     Leak-proof – How is it leak-proof, and does it properly keep water out?

●     Water Barrier – Does the material keep your hair wet for a long time?

●     Shower Cap Shape – How is the material shaped around your head?

●     Washing Features – Is it easy to wash?

●     Color – Does it have the appearance of luxury?

●     Allergies – If there is an allergy concern, will the shower cap be allergy-free?

Which Shower Cap Fits the Bill?

The GRACE & COMPANY shower cap, now available in fresh colors of Clementine and Gramercy (along with the original Casablanca, Lemon Drop, and Lucie), has all of these features and more! It is reusable, machine-washable, leakproof, and adjustable with a cute bow, and the cap’s material feels good over your hair while showering. It is our top recommendation for style, functionality, and luxury appeal.

Why is a Reusable Shower Cap Important?

A reusable shower cap is ideal due to its convenience and environmentally-friendly factor. Unlike plastic, disposable shower caps that are thrown out after a single use, you can reuse a fabric shower cap, which is typically made of more durable material that is satisfying to look at and feel.

A reusable shower cap for women is also typically better made than its disposable counterparts and can come in various designs that only increase its luxurious appeal.

Why is Material Necessary for a Luxury Shower Cap?

Looking at the material of your shower cap is essential to know if it is genuinely luxurious or not, such as if it is made of thin plastic, water-proofed terry-cloth, or a type of performance fabric.

A shower cap for women should ideally be made of a durable material that is 100% waterproof and will continue to be water-proof for a long time. The concern with plastic and water-proofed terry-cloth is that plastic caps are typically a one-time-use and can become easily torn, rendering them useless. And terry cloth’s water-proof coat can become rubbed off with time, reducing the cap’s ability to keep water out.

Performance fabric takes the best of these materials and combines them into a material that is pleasant to the touch, durable, won’t tear with gentle use, and will remain 100% waterproof due to the waterproof ability naturally inherent in the material itself.

Why is a Leak-proof Feature Important for a Luxury Shower Cap?

Some showers caps use a thin elastic, while others provide a robust, leak-proof edging that keeps water out. However, when it comes to having guaranteed dry hair in the shower, it is better to steer away from shower caps with thin elastic, even if they may be easier to put on. This extreme flexibility may allow it to slip off while in use or cause hair to fall in. Buy Now

With a shower cap that has a strengthened edge, such as a flexible lining the border, there is a surety that not only will it stay on while in use, but it won’t allow for any gaps that may let water in.

Why is a Water Barrier an Important Feature of a Luxury Shower Cap?

A permanent, interwoven water barrier in the shower cap makes it more functional and increases its luxurious appeal due to its permanent functionality. Unfortunately, some shower caps exist with only a spray-on coating that provides menial water-proofing, leaving you with a half-soaked cotton shower cap months after purchase. However, this isn’t the case with premium performance fabric, in which the material itself is water-proof.

Why is the Shape an Important Feature of a Luxury Shower Cap?

A shower cap’s luxury appeal lies in its appearance as it conforms to your head, and many women prefer the turban style that fits, without any bagginess that disposable shower caps have. In addition, a turban-style shower cap is snug against the head without being too tight and provides extra space in an expandable pocket if excess hair needs tucking away.

Why is the Washing Feature Important for a Luxury Shower Cap?

Let’s talk about the washing feature, one of the essential features of a reusable shower cap. The care instructions of a luxury shower cap should allow you to simply throw it into the washing machine after use, as the best shower caps are made of a durable material designed to be worn and washed well. Not only does this make life easier when it comes to cleaning your frequently-used items, but it keeps your shower caps looking and smelling fresh.

Why is the Color an Important Feature of a Luxury Shower Cap?

Color, style and design are necessary to call a shower cap luxurious or not, as using a cap in a simple, plain gray color is not as appealing as one that’s filled with pleasing patterns in your favorite color.

As a shower cap is an item that’s frequently used and is likely hanging somewhere in the open in your bathroom, you will be looking at it often throughout the day and will feel better if you see something that looks like a work of art.

Why are Allergies Important to Consider for Your Shower Cap?

An allergy to latex, which causes hives, itching, stuffiness, or even a runny nose, is not something that should come near your hair care routine. While some shower caps are made of latex, others are made of allergy-free material such as performance fabric.


Luxury shower caps don’t have to be hard to find if you know what to look for, such as knowing what type of material it should be made of and how it feels and looks when worn. In addition, there are bonus points if the luxury cap has a bow for enhanced appeal and functionality. Luckily, the GRCAE&COMPANY shower cap provides all of these goodies and more in their shower cap collection.

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