Are Gaming Glasses Worth It? Should You Put Your Money on Gaming Glasses?


If you are a hardcore gamer, chances are you have come across gaming glasses. I for one, love to play games on my TV and internet deal connection. For me, gaming glasses aren’t just any random visual accessory. I consider them as part of overall gaming gear. Now, I won’t be discussing the whole concept of gaming gear. Let’s just leave that for another time.  

Many people believe that you can only get gaming glasses if you have a prescription. That, however, isn’t true. If only people knew about the dangers of harsh blue waves that gaming screens emit, they would get their hands on gaming glasses. With that said, let’s talk about gaming glasses, their purpose, and whether you should buy them in the first place.  

What are Gaming Glasses? 

They are just like any other pair of glasses available on the market. The only difference is that gaming glasses come with specific lenses. These lenses help reduce glare and eye strain. You can choose from different styles and price ranges. You can get a pair for as low as 30 bucks or, if you’re looking for a high-end option, you can spend up to $300. It all comes down to what style and make you like.  

What are the Benefits of Gaming Glasses? 

Overexposure to gaming screens can affect your eyesight. Many gamers complain of headaches yet they never try to identify the reason behind the pain. Of course, people opt for regular spectacles when they suffer from poor vision. However, gaming glasses are much more than just regular glasses. They offer multiple benefits.  

They Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light 

The lenses in gaming glasses come with advanced blue light filters. These lenses filter out harmful blue light waves that your gaming screen emits. This helps reduce conditions like eye pain and blurry vision. Moreover, gaming glasses prevent gaming screens from putting strain on your eyesight. With no headache visual symptoms, you can play for hours.  

They Come with Anti-Reflective Coating 

It’s not just the blue light that does damage to your vision. The light that reflects on your screen can also create eyesight problems. However, if you use gaming glasses then you can prevent these visual symptoms. This is because gaming glasses are coated with anti-reflective filters. These filers prevent blinding reflection from damaging your eyesight. Moreover, they provide a clear field of vision.  

They Provide Magnification 

Gaming glasses come with magnifying lenses. This embedded magnification lets you play without suffering from blurriness or distraction. Remember, your eye muscles get tensed from intense focusing. Playing for hours without wearing gaming glasses can cause eye strain. The magnification in gaming glasses allows you to see bigger images.  

What are the Downsides of Wearing Gaming Glasses? 

Though gaming glasses offer great benefits, they do come with several downsides. Continue reading to know about the cons. Also, it is advisable to make a decision only after considering the benefits and downsides of a product.  

They Get Time to Adjust 

From the looks, gaming glasses are just like any other regular pair of glasses. It is only after you try them will you notice the real difference. You may not be able to get used to gaming glasses the moment you wear them. Give your eyes some time to adjust to the new accessory on your face. Competitive gamers, on the other hand, may find gaming glasses to be a nuisance.  

They May Cause Discomfort  

If you don’t wear a headset while gaming, are you even a real gamer? That said, gaming glasses may not be comfortable to wear with a gaming headset. And you need to be as comfortable as possible while playing your favorite. It is advisable to get a pair of gaming glasses that can work seamlessly with a gaming headset. This way you’ll be able to make the most out of your gaming experience.  

They Are Expensive 

For many people, price is the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to buying things. Gaming glasses aren’t your regular glasses. They come with advanced eye protection features like magnification. Moreover, they are difficult to find in a regular optical store. Gaming glasses can cost you several hundred bucks. Of course, it all depends on the quality, the make, and the features.  

Should I Buy Gaming Glasses? 

If you use a computer or play video games for hours then yes, you must buy yourself a pair of gaming glasses. People spend a lot on gaming consoles and PCs. Looking at your television screen for hours can create serious problems for your vision. The key is to evaluate the hours you spend every day on your gaming screen. If you play games for two hours max then you can do good without gaming glasses.

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