10 Important Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) Course Learning Benefits


Albert Einstein is known for his humor. He once said, ‘The hardest thing in the world is to understand is the Income tax’. Yes, it does sound funny and yet in a real-life scenario, it is so relatable. In India, GST seems to have changed the face of taxation. In 2016-17, the implementation began and soon India became a One country-One Tax. Post GST the need for accounting increased 4 times. Thus a professional had to know all about TCS, TDS, Income tax returns, and E-filling. Thus BAT courses came into being and helped meet this increasing demand.

There are many BAT courses in India. Why do professionals and graduates opt for BAT courses? The prime reason is that post GST, proficiency in accountancy is sought after. BAT courses correctly bridge this demand by making students proficient in accounting. In India, there are institutes that offer BAT courses. There are many benefits of the BAT course. Few benefits are noted below.

Let us look at the10 benefits of the accounting and taxation course

  1. Be it the private sector or government sector, the demand for accounting professionals has been increasing in the past few years.
  2. An advantage over peers. As soon as the BAT course end, students can expect to get better opportunities with an impressive pay scale. 
  3. Every organisation has different needs for an accountancy professional, these details are gauged better post BAT course. 
  4. The BAT course are not only well-curated but give hands-on training. This training is on modern accounting software and other tools. For example Tally ERP. 
  5. Payscale is impressive as the salary expected can be in the range of 3-10 LPA. One can also start freelancing after gaining enough expertise. 
  6. Fortunately, business accounting and taxation courses are not for any specific stream. A student who has an interest in the accounting and finance segment, thus they can take it as a career. 
  7. The duration of the BAT course is short. Making it ideal for skill upgrades for professionals in accounting and Taxation. 
  8. Financial reporting and auditing are also career options that students can take up after the business accounting and taxation course.
  9. SAP, payrolls, ERP software, auditing, MIS Reporting, and GST are a few elements covered in business accounting courses.
  10. Professionals can make important business decisions as they understand the financial audits and reports. This makes them valuable assets to the organization.

Key features of the BAT courses with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Accounts Academy offers BAT courses. These BAT courses have been ranked No.1 according to Tribune India.

  1. In 2021, Tribune a leading national publishing ranked the BAT course ie Certified Accounting & Taxation Professional (CATP) No.1. 
  2. The curriculum design of the BAT course provides complete and in-depth knowledge of the accounting system in India. Thus students get an edge over their peers.
  3. The BAT course are 100 percent practical based. Thus the learner gets 100% hands-on taxation processes. All projects focus on Business Accounting & Taxation and industry grades. 
  4. 9 in 1 benefits of the BAT course. The benefits include
  • 172 hours of 2-way training with an expert trainer. Interaction in these sessions makes them informative and lively.
  • Projects on topics like Advanced Excel, HR Payroll, and GST to name a few. 
  • Internship with guidance from mentors.
  • Certified Business Accounting & Taxation certification that has industry-wide recognition.
  • Placement on successful completion of BAT course.
  • Abundant tools and techniques along with videos, case studies, and assessments are available for reference as part of E-learning.
  • 12 boot camps spread over a period of 1year. This helps to keep in touch with all topics and seek help on difficult ones.
  • Access to #AskHenry in-house hackathon and various other competitions. This keeps the fire for excellence always burning since students compete with peers.
  • 1 year Gold membership to the prestigious Henry Harvin Accounts Academy
  1. Complementary modules in the BAT course prove to be of immense help not only to build an outstanding resume but also in clearing the interview. 
  2. As an ISO 29990:2010 certified institute, Henry Harvin has positive reviews on Google. Feedback in the way of testimonials on Youtube and 4.5 and above rating on various other platforms. 
  3. Trainers like CA Deepak Arya, CA Sabeena Vasudeva, CS Meenu Arya, and Parvez B Ansari spearhead the business accounting and taxation course.
  4. 360-degree perspectives on GST regulations are taught. GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, and GSTR 2A it’s understanding and also know the bottlenecks.
  5. More than 16 thousand students have benefitted from the BAT course. They are all placed well in their career and are a feather in the institute’s cap. 
  6. 6 module business accounting and taxation courses have been applauded both by learners and the industry. It encompasses GST, Income Tax, Balance Sheet, Tally, Excel, Payroll, and HR Payroll.

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Accounting and taxation are considered the core to strengthening a business. Critical and crucial components are the tax and auditing area. This team of professionals also evaluates the financial growth and health of the organization. This in turn helps to gauge the standing/ position in the market and performance of the company in general in the business scenario. After realizing how crucial is that role, a correct insight into this can be achieved with certification.

A business accounting and taxation course will thus give an insight into all the financial modalities. It will help a professional with the know-how about various taxes, their calculations, and their implications. Once they know that working in a business scenario and getting first-hand experience can be relatable. Get the business accounting and taxation certification and help your career with new opportunities and right the success story of your life.


  1. What is the role of an accountant in a business establishment?

Accountant doubles up as an advisor in financial and taxation management. . They guide the stakeholders to take finance and investment related decisions. Filing and submitting tax-related documents on time and follow up if any is done by them. These documents have to be filed every financial year. 

  1. What are the various things a student can take up in case he/she plans to pursue accounting as a career?

Diploma in Taxation, followed by Post Graduate Program in Tax Management can be done. Diploma in Accounting & Auditing, and Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting & Taxation are a few other options students can try.

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