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ApunKaGames: Free Download PC Games | Review

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In our global village, people are playing video games regardless of their age, gender, or occupational background. It is estimated that more than a billion people are involved in playing different kinds of video games these days. For many playing games on PC or handheld devices is a productive time instead of wastage. According to them it is a stimulating activity that increases curiosity, improves strategic decision making, helps them to make decisions under pressure, and a kind of yoga for their brain. 

Free PC Games to Download

As a result, several platforms have surfaced which provide free downloadable games. Some are easy and interactive and while others are complicated or have a hidden agenda while many other websites give away the games for free. To decide which website is the better one is a hard nut to IDM crack. The most important concern is security because there is always a chance that files downloaded from the internet may corrupt your PC. As a result, it is very important to be careful about potential viruses and malware.

Introduction to ApunKaGames

ApunKagGame.biz is an illegal website where you can find loads of games with full cracked passwords. On this website, you can find old, new, and top compressed versions of downloadable games. The website offers an enormous collection of games with approximately 769 pages to choose from. As you visit the website you will find 258k social media shares.

However, as we look for details about the website and download options, we see a common concern which is the security issue. Though we can say that security is a major concern when downloading some stuff from the internet but a website that has so many games and provides countless options to download from, the concern is genuine because of the traffic it can attract.

Some Fake Sites with Similar Names

Many sites have similar names such as apunkagames.net, apunkagames.best.websiteoutlook.com, apunkagames.com.cutestat.com, and many more. The authentic one from among them is apunkagames.biz.

Here is the review of the website apunkagames.biz

Features in ApunKaGames Website

  1. The layout of the website

The user interface is pretty straightforward. Though at first, it seems a little cluttered because of too many tabs and menu options. It comes with a white background and has defined rules for downloading the games. At the top of the webpage, you will see different tabs labeled as Home, Password, FAQs, How to download, Privacy policy, and Game request.

The second list of tabs includes the Home tab plus different genres of the games such as Action, Fighting, Shooting, Sports, Racing. In the Others tab, you will find multiple options that are not mentioned in the tabs. In the tab of Games Under,  you can specify the size of the games. Besides, there are GTA games and PC games. The screen looks a little busy with a lot of options but that’s how a gaming website should look like to attract game lovers.

  1. Passwords

If you access the password tab at the top of the web page adjacent to the Home tab you will see there are three general passwords used to crack all the games.

  1. Size of the game

The website provides the option to choose from different sizes when downloading videos and games. The sizes are as follows:

  • Under 100 MB
  • Under 200 MB
  • Under 300 MB
  • Under 400 MB
  • Under 500 MB
  • Under 1 GB
  • Under 2 GB

So, you can download the game according to your disk size.

  1. Multiplayer games

Multiplayer games are not allowed by the website and in one day you can only play one game for free.

  1. Rules to follow

You can find all the rules that need to be followed by accessing the game request icon. It also guides you about the format of submitting a comment If you want to submit one. 

  1. Reputation review

According to WOT (Web of Trust) where millions of users rate a website, it has been marked as a risky website on Trust rating. The Trust rating is based on the experience of people. The purpose is to provide enough information to let you decide whether a website is trustworthy or not.

  1. Traffic rank

The traffic rank provides the popularity of the website by looking at the number of people visiting the website and comparing it against other websites around the world. According to Alexa, an amazon company the website ranks #21,136 among over 30 million websites in the World.
while in India it ranks at 4,264.

  1. Safety

Safe browsing status shows how safe the website is. The safety is measured by checking the website URL against Google’s regularly updated lists of distrusted phishing (to steal user data) and virus-containing website. So, according to google, the website is unsafe to use. The website is listed as suspicious so there are chances that it may harm your PC.

  1. Download speed

Based on the size and quality of the content the speed can vary but the website claims to offer a download speed of more than 25 Mb.

Game Categories in ApunKaGames

  • Technology
  • Games
  • Variety in Genres
  • None
  • RPG

Recent Uploaded Games

  • Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends
  • Walking Girl: Dead Parking
  • The Falconeer
  • Sonic Mega Collection Plus
  • Spiritfarer
  • Successor of the Key
  • Shadowy Contracts
  • The Black Watchmen

Some Random Games on ApunKaGames

  • Beast Agenda 2030
  • Watchmen: The End Is Nigh
  • Angry Birds: All Games Collection
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins
  • John Wick Hex
  • The Suicide of Rachel Foster

Alternatives to ApunKaGames.biz

Alternative options to ApunKagames where you can download free games. some websites are listed below for your reference.

  1. Ocean of games

This is another website where you can download free games without any hassle. You can save the games regardless of any operating system you have. the website offers 673 pages of games to choose from.

  1. Origin

Yet another alternative to download games is the origin where you have the option to download premium games as well. Among the most prominent features of the website is the chatting and sharing feature where you can share the videos on Twitchtv. Here you can also download free trails of the games.

  1. Game top

If gaming is not your passion, this website is a must to visit. Here you can play for killing your time. On the website, you will find a section of hidden objects where you can download thousands of full version games, all these games are lawful and harmless to download.

  1. GameSpot

It is yet another platform for downloading games. if you are one of those who want to get familiarized with the game before you decide to download, this is your platform.

  1. GameHouse

On this platform, there is no restriction to download the game for playing. This is a platform to play games online and enjoy these games anywhere you want.

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